Newegg and Intel asked us to collab on a custom PC so we egg-cepted

We’re always searching for the next incredible PC build to showcase to the world, and this one is definitely all it’s cracked up to be. We teamed up with Intel to create an extremely powerful (and okay, silly) custom build featuring parts from one of the top global online retailers for PC hardware and consumer electronics, Newegg. What kind of parts, you say? Trust me, they’re no yolk.

Starting it all off is the processor. This huevo features an Intel® Core™ i9 processor 14900K that’ll have your games running like a dream. Intel’s Hyper-Threading technology allows for more work to be done at the same time, creating complex scenes faster than ever before.

Distributing all that power is an MSI Z790 EDGE TI WIFI MAX motherboard with silver heatsink plating on black PCB. It also supports WiFi 7, the newest wireless internet standard, enabling speed that makes sure opponents in online games are over, easy. (Sorry, had to.)

The MSI 4090 GPU is also too powerful to be ignored. Whether you’re playing a game starring a hard-boiled detective or as an environmentalist defeating poachers, the images will be stunning. Our One New Egg also includes an MSI brand power supply and an MSI MAG Coreliquid E360, which keeps it from scrambling. But don’t just listen to us throw all these specs at you. Hear what gamer and host Trisha Hershberger has to say about why gaming without compromise is essential.

If you want to start work on an Egg of your own, or put together any custom build, be sure to check out the full Intel range at Newegg today.

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