Gloomwood’s next big update delves into the city’s dank sewers

One of our favorite early access games is getting a big update soon. As teased during the PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted, Gloomwood is heading down into the Underport.

You can watch the first look at the Underport in the teaser above. From what I can tell, we’re in for a dank sewer network hosting slimy pustules and what seems to be a four-legged monster with claws. I hope I’ll have saved enough shotgun shells for when we meet face-to-face.

There’s not much more to the video than vibes and the promise of an unpleasant encounter, which I guess is what makes it a pretty good teaser. I’m itching to jump back into Gloomwood since I blazed through its opening chapter last year. Since then, the previously locked Tavern was unlocked, as well as the Market area that’ll serve as a hub for the main story. There’s a shop, new enemies, and as of a more recent Halloween update, flash bombs that give players an option to return to stealth after being spotted by guards. I hope the Underport update will introduce more goodies for my briefcase, too. A new weapon, perhaps?

Associate editor Ted Litchfield dove back into Gloomwood earlier this year when the Market update landed and thought just the areas added since early access launch made a huge difference:

“That diversity of form is something that’s really stuck with me about Gloomwood: it’s a surprising, varied, ‘greatest hits’ of all the coolest level ideas that have come out of the immersive sim genre, packaged in Gloomwood’s own excellent gothic atmosphere,” Ted wrote.

I’ll admit I’m still hesitant to start a new save. I prefer not to overfamiliarize myself with immersive sim levels before I have the chance to take in the full game, though if anything is gonna tempt me to reinstall, it’s a teeth-grinding sewer journey.

Gloomwood’s Underport update is coming “Soon™” according to the teaser. So, let’s say 2024 to be safe and hope for sooner?

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