TEVI Review – A Hop, Skip, and Jump With Bunnies & Bullets


Video games have long since become one of the most moldable mediums of modern storytelling and world-building, and it would only make sense that anime, another popular medium with similar traits, would come to mesh both together and create some exuberantly magical titles. So far we’ve seen all different kinds, from the emotionally riveting, to action-packed adventures, to the comedic and shamelessly whimsical. CreSpirit’s TEVI proudly embraces a number of those big characteristics in a fiercely tight, cheerful hug, and it all works stupendously.

The impassioned developers behind TEVI, which include Ein Lee, Waero, and GemaYue, are no strangers to this eccentrically-styled niche of anime-inspired games. Their creative history is decorated with a number of beloved titles such as Rabi-Ribi and Last Command. TEVI joins in with them as the latest 2D, side-scrolling Metroidvania adventure, and impressively the biggest one yet from this team in just about every sense. As fans want more and more quality content from these particular types of games, myself included, TEVI absolutely delivers it on a cute, animal-shaped silver platter.

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