How To Get the True Ending in Last Faith

Here’s how to get the True Ending in Last Faith.

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The Last Faith has multiple endings you can unlock and experience by completing specific quests or having certain items in your inventory. There are three endings in the game, and while the first and second endings will give you a satisfying conclusion, the third ending – dubbed by fans as the True Ending – gives a more intriguing end to the game’s rich storyline.

This quick guide will walk you through how to get the True Ending in Last Faith.

How to Get the True Ending in Last Faith

You can get the True ending in Last Faith by carrying both Esk’s Left Eye and Esk’s Right Eye in your inventory and choosing the “Refuse the throne” option when asked by Caterina and Annabella in the throne room.  Doing so will send you into a battle against Medeya, The Cosmic Voice, which, when completed, unlocks the true ending of Last Faith. 

It is worth noting, however, that you must unlock the first and second endings before you attempt to get the third and true ending of Last Faith. 

Lady Annika Quest and the First Two Endings

There are two other endings in the Last Faith. You can unlock the first ending by choosing “Accept the throne” when Caterina and Annabella ask. Meanwhile, you can get the second ending by choosing the “Refuse the throne” option while having Second Skin and Esk’s Left Eye in your inventory.

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The first ending is pretty straightforward – choose “Accept the throne” when Annabella and Catarina ask, and a final cutscene will play out and roll the game’s end credits.

You must find and talk to Lady Annika in the City of Mythringal to trigger the second ending. After you talk with Lady Annika, progress through the story normally until you reach the City of Erlim. In the City of Erlim, look for the NPC Veiled Maiden and purchase “Second Skin.”

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With the Second Skin in your inventory, look for the Ghost NPC in The Esk Mansion and interact with her.

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After you talk to the Ghost NPC, head to the southwestern end of The Esk Mansion to find the “Harbinger of Nightmare.” Defeat the Harbinger of Nightmare to acquire “Esk’s Left Eye.”

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With Esk’s Left Eye in your inventory, head to the throne room, then talk to Annabella and Catarina. This time, choose “Refuse the throne.” This will trigger a fight against the pair, which, when completed, unlocks Ending 2.

To get Ending 3 or the True Ending, you must have Esk’s Left and Right Eye in your inventory before talking to Annabella and Catarina. Read the section below to learn how to get Esk’s left and right eyes.

How to Get Esk’s Left and Right Eye in Last Faith

To get Esk’s Left Eye in Last Faith, you must beat the Harbinger of Nightmare – also known as the Snake Boss. After you defeat the Harbinger of Nightmare, you will get the item “Esk’s Left Eye.”

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Before you can go and fight the Harbinger of Nightmare, you must complete Lady Annika’s quest and visit the Veiled Maiden in the City of Erlim. The Veiled Maiden sells “Second Skin,” which you must have in your inventory before your fight against the Harbinger of Nightmare. 

To get Esk’s Right Eye in Last Faith, you have to go to the Damned Ruins of the Osseus Fortress and head to the Banks of the Moonshade Lake. 

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Once you’re there, make your way to the right side of the cave onto an open area called the Moonshade Lake, and there you’ll find a boss called the Starlight Beast of Illygarth. Defeat this boss, then head to the spectral door to find a chest that contains “Esk’s Right Eye.” 

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Unlock the Third and True Ending

Once you have both Esk’s Left and Right eyes, head back to the throne room, then choose “Reject the throne” when Annabella and Caterina ask. Doing so will trigger a fight against Annabella and Caterina. Beat the pair, then wait for the final cutscene with Medeya, The Cosmic Voice. 

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After the cutscene, a fight with Medeya will ensue. Defeat her to unlock the third and true ending of The Last Faith.

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Final Thoughts

Getting the final and true ending of Last Faith will require you to have specific items in your inventory before refusing the throne when asked by Annabella and Catarina. Getting Esk’s Left and Right eye will take some effort, but you’ll be rewarded with a fight against the game’s true final boss in Medeya, The Cosmic Voice, and The Last Faith’s third and true ending.

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