Dragon’s Dogma 2 arrives March 22, 2024 on PS5

During today’s Dragon’s Dogma 2 Showcase 2023, the release date of Dragon’s Dogma 2 was finally revealed to be March 22, 2024. The digital event featured the latest trailer, along with a variety of new game details.

Check out a breakdown of all the news and reveals from the showcase below. 

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a narrative-driven action-RPG game set in a fantasy world. Players can experience a variety of actions, and the Pawn system allows players to feel as if accompanied through this single-player game. Enjoy a unique adventure set in a world woven by exquisite graphics, artificial intelligence (AI) and physics technology. 

The world of Dragon’s Dogma 2

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is set in an immersive fantasy world. The Dragon, feared as a threat that brings misfortune, takes the player’s heart. This sets the journey for the player to slay the Dragon as the Arisen. The human kingdom of Vermund and the beastren nation of Battahl thrive in this world and each have their own culture, customs, beliefs, and their respective motivations.

Vermund, the human kingdom. The Arisen rules as king.

The Queen Regent Disa of Vermund. She plots to have her son take the throne.

Battahl is a nation covered in a harsh natural environment, and is defined by beastrens’ own unique culture. 

With empress Nadinia at its center, the Lambent Flame is worshiped in Battahl to ward off calamity.

In addition to humans and beastrens, the elves also inhabit this land though they avoid contact with other races. 

Sacred Arbor, the elf settlement. They communicate in their own Elvish language.

Glyndwr, a young elf. He is fluent in human language, making him rare among his race.

The world of Dragon’s Dogma 2 has inhabitants of various races, each with their own agendas and motivations. How to interact with them is entirely up to the player. 

Some characters might approach you for assistance, and it is up to you to accept or decline their requests. 

New monster: Talos

There are a variety of monsters that inhabit the world of Dragon’s Dogma 2. Let us introduce the bronze giant Talos, new in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

The enormous Talos. 

A man-made creature that brings chaos to the lands. How can its advance be stopped?

As they seem to come straight from mythology and lore, the monsters are sure to inspire you to embark on this adventure!

New vocation: Trickster

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, you will have multiple vocations at your disposal such as Mage, Archer and Fighter among others, essential when adventuring in a fantasy world. In today’s showcase, we announced a unique vocation, the Trickster. Exclusive to the Arisen, the Trickster vocation wields a special weapon called the Censer to create smoke and conjure various illusions to confuse enemies into fighting against themselves, for example. The Trickster can also increase the party’s power for a limited time, making it a perfect vocation for players who prefer to play a support role.

The trickster provides a unique experience, wielding their wits from a supporting role.

Deceive your enemy by using an illusion of yourself as a decoy.

Temporarily increase the power of your Pawns beyond their limits.

Create your character as a beastren

You can create your character (the Arisen) and the main Pawn that serves the Arisen. 

The game uses photogrammetry technology for more realistic character creation.

Players can create their character intuitively and with ease, or thoroughly down to the last detail.

Photogrammetry allows for realistic characters, and they can have pointed ears like those of an elf.

You can create your character human or beastren.

Select an image that is closest to what you want multiple times.

Pre-orders start today

Dragon’s Dogma 2 will arrive on March 22, 2024. Pre-orders are available now. 

The game will be available in both physical and digital versions. The digital exclusive Deluxe Edition is bundled with the “A Boon for Adventurers – New Journey Pack” DLC. Each version has pre-order exclusive bonuses!

Message from the game’s director 

Finally, a message from Hideaki Itsuno, the director of Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Dragon’s Dogma is a game that I dreamed of playing as a boy who loved TRPG-based games and action games, and I have a special attachment to it. Dragon’s Dogma 2 incorporates ideas that were not technically feasible at the time we created the first game. I believe this game will let you experience the fantasy world you’ve always dreamed of, a fantasy world action simulator game, and ultimately be the ultimate Dragon’s Dogma.

The entire team is working hard on the final touches of the game. Whether you’ve played the first game or not, we hope you’ll enjoy your adventure in this open fantasy world.

– Dragon’s Dogma 2 Director Hideaki Itsuno

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