Top 14 Easiest PS5 Games for Trophies & Platinums in 2023 So Far

2023 has seen plenty of PlayStation releases, and trophy hunters have been well-fed. However, there are certainly better games than others regarding easy (and fun trophies). We have looked through the games we have played and the trophies we have earned to bring you this list of the easiest trophies and platinum of 2023.

Dead Island 2

Image Source: Dambuster Studios via Twinfinite

Dead Island 2 was a surprise hit, considering it came over a decade since the first game in the series. You get to choose between six characters, all with different playstyles. It not only gives you a lot of L.A. (Hell-A) to explore with a friend, but the trophies are also fun to unlock. Most come naturally as you adventure through zombie-infested streets and take out lots of zombies.

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