The best Cyber Monday gaming monitor deal is giving us 34 inches of OLED Alienware for its lowest price ever

Alienware 34 AW3423DWF| 34 inch | QD OLED | 165hz | £929.99 £660 price at Amazon (save £269.99)
This beast is one of our favourites, and a lot cheaper than the AW3423DW alternative (it only drops the F, an expensive but mostly pointless chip, and about 10Hz). While it’s not 4K (gaming OLEDs haven’t quite gotten there at proper PC monitor sizes just yet) it’s a hell of a beauty otherwise, becoming our best overall pick for 2023. And now you can save loadsa money on it. Wonga.View Deal

The turning of the wheel from Black Friday frenzies to Cyber Monday blues is a sad but necessary one—deals are vanishing into thin air. Except this one, which is a really good deal if you’ve got the cash to throw at it.

The Alienware 34 QD-OLED is PC Gamer’s pick for best overall gaming monitor of 2023, as selected by hardware editor Dave James, who has been doing this kinda stuff for over 20 years. Hardware writer Jeremy Laird gave it a 95 in his review, praising its 34 inches of goodness. “Absolutely farking fabulous.” Is the verdict. You know we’re serious when we break out the f-word.

We’re curating all the best Cyber Monday PC gaming deals right here.

What’s more, you can get it for almost £270 cheaper than its usual premium price of £929.99. It’s still pricey at £660, especially if the dead and gone Black Friday’s been burning a hole in your wallet, but that’s the kind of premium you pay for big, powerful, shiny monitors like this. If you still have cash to spend you could do far worse.

As to why, it’s pretty simple. The AW3423DWF is quite a bit cheaper than the AW3423DW (try saying that ten times really fast), only sacrificing a slight refresh rate downgrade. 175Hz to 165Hz, which isn’t noticeable unless you have special eyes. It’s still a big, curved, OLED beast.

The only downside is that this tech isn’t 4k yet—that kind of thing’s currently relegated to TV panels. You might want to hold off for next year if the difference is important to you, though the monitor does still support ultrawide resolution. There’s no guarantee the new tech will be nearly as affordable, though—so you’ll need to weigh your pros and 4K cons.

There’s also the OLED’s (supposed) tendency to burn-in, but you get a three year warranty, so if you somehow manage to sear 34 inches of Nicolas Cage into your monitor because of a very weird screensaver or something, you should be covered. You cannot lose here. Unless you’re too embarrassed to talk to Alienware support about the Cage thing, which is understandable.

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