Black Friday deals on the stuff behind the most popular Twitch streamers

Most of the Black Friday deals we’ve found so far are to do with the stuff that goes in your PC or on your desk, but in this modern world of social media and personal branding, we all know that it’s the stuff behind you that really matters. On Twitch streams or Zoom calls or TikTok videos, the view over your shoulders defines you to the world.

So, for better or worse, I’ve examined the stuff behind seven of the most popular Twitch streamers, attempted to identify it (or at least find something comparable), and went hunting for the best price I could find. Here’s what I came up with…

We’re curating all the best Black Friday PC gaming deals right here.


(Image credit: Ninja)
G-Fuel mini fridge: Genuine G-Fuel mini fridges are out of stock, but they cost too much anyway. Get a generic minifridge with a glass door for $179.99 on Amazon (28% off) and a G-Fuel sticker for $3.50.Rug: A pretty similar-looking rug is $55.96 at Target, but I’m afraid it isn’t on saleCurtains from your parent’s house: Free, if you can run fastSide table: A similar, but not identical, table is available for $30.99 at Amazon (38% off)Aquamarine hair dye: $8.39 from Arctic Fox (30% off)


(Image credit: Pokimane)
Poké Ball replica in silver display case: $100 from Sideshow, which is the only store I could find with these in stock at that priceArch wall shelf: A sorta similar shelf is $23.99 at World Market ($16 off), but it’s smaller and you’ll have to paint it blue… so not very similar, actuallyWhite pegboard: It looks like Ikea’s $60 Skadis pegboard, but you can get something similar (if a little smaller) from Amazon for $31.99 (20% off)Scented candle: I don’t know what kind of candle Pokimane’s got over her shoulder, but you probably won’t go wrong with a soy candle from PF Candle Co, which is having a holiday sale


(Image credit: xQc)
Blue LED strip light: $17.59 from Amazon (20% off)Artificial vines: $19.99 from Amazon (20% off)

Kai Cenat

(Image credit: Kai Cenat)
The Simpsons 30th Edition Arcade Machine: $499.99 at Best BuyPac-Man Deluxe Arcade Machine: $399.99 at Best BuyBusted-up desk chair: Free on a curb somewhereCheetah print rug: I couldn’t find an exact match for that carpet, but here’s 20% off a washable Cheetah print rug from Ruggable


(Image credit: Summit1G)
LED triangles: $150 at Best Buy (25% off) if you want the fancy version, or $72 from Amazon (20% off) for a cheaper brandNaruto Universe poster: $40 from Kehasuk Sword Art Online wall scroll: $17.09 on eBay


(Image credit: Emiru)
So many Kirby plushes: $17-$35 on Amazon (tragically, these are not on sale anywhere I could find)Walls scrolls and misc toys: It won’t help you with custom art, but anime merch is up to 60% off in the Crunchyroll Store’s Black Friday sale, and there are lots of wall scroll discounts at AmazonSecret Lab chair: Up to $150 off for Black Friday


(Image credit: Shroud)
Iron Man suit: I’m sorry to say that Mark VII is sold out, but you can get a life-size Iron Man Mark V suit for $8,650 from Sideshow, and it’s your lucky day: it comes with discounted US shipping for a limited time

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