Virtual and real-life medieval warfare clashed in Lords Mobile’s latest event

Over the years, Lords Mobile has risen above all pretenders and established itself as one of the biggest mobile MMOs in the world. Its success has drawn millions of players to its lands, where they build great cities, amass their forces, and take their fellow players on in epic PvP warfare. There are other adventures in the game world too, such as the ability to fight monsters and bosses in the Darknests, and scour the kingdom for precious resources.

But at its core, Lords Mobile is a game about seeking glory in a medieval world, so in a bid to blend that thrill with the real world, developer IGG joined forces with ACW, one of the world’s most renowned historical medieval tournaments for Lords Mobile x Armored Combat Worldwide.

The ACW is the first large-scale international tournament of medieval armored combat in North America. It’s  an event that brings together trained knights to clash in authentic events such as jousting and sword fighting.  Watch the crowd rise as horns sound and jousting knights begin their runup, hear the distinct clash of steel on steel as swords clash over the heads of duelists; the ACW is a rare opportunity to get immersed in the world of medieval combat.

(Image credit: IGG)

Which is why the collaboration between Lords Mobile and ACW—two champions in the digital and real-world realms—was such a success. Both showcase a deep appreciation of mediaeval-historical themes, both require strategy and boldness, and most importantly, both bring people together to forge powerful bonds and alliances.

To celebrate this unique melding between games and the real world, Lords Mobile lent the names and insignia of six of its most powerful guilds (victors of a recent in-game competition) to the ACW’s 150 vs 150 Live Competition and 5 vs 5 Armored Combat Competition in November. These guilds got to witness their colours emblazoned across real-life armour, and their emblems carried out onto the battlefield by flagbearers. With top Lords Mobile players winning tickets to the ACW, it gave them the chance to witness a mediaeval tournament first-hand, while Guilds effectively became part of the tournament itself.

(Image credit: IGG)

Meanwhile, cosplayers mingled with the crowds around the battlefield, dressed up as iconic Lords Mobile heroes such as Trickster, Death Archer, and Lightweaver.

This singular collaboration gave Lords Mobile players a great opportunity to connect with the community of the ACW Historical Medieval Tournament. In a world where it can sometimes feel like the virtual realm is overtaking the real world, this crossover blended the virtual and physical battlefields, celebrating mediaeval combat history in all its valor, fighting spirit, and tactical prowess.

 The ACW crossover was a triumph, and a natural collaboration between two communities with a burning passion for historical warfare. To begin working your way towards glory in Lords Mobile, download the game on the Play Store, the App Store, or Steam, and keep up with the latest events at the Lords Mobile Facebook page

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