10 Call of Duty Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

The Call of Duty franchise is packed with Easter Eggs and secrets. The Zombies mode has even built questlines around finding objects and solving complex multi-step puzzles. Unfortunately, the urgency of missions and the chaos of gunfights can lead players to miss some of Call of Duty’s best Easter Eggs.

Mannequin Madness

Image Source: Activision

The multiplayer map Nuketown is a staple of the Black Ops sub-series and each incarnation has had its own Easter Egg involving the various mannequins dotted around the map. For example, in the first Black Ops shooting off all of the mannequin heads will trigger The Rolling Stones’ song Sympathy For The Devil to begin playing out of the map’s air raid sirens. Likewise in Black Ops III shooting off all the mannequin heads in under two minutes will make them start chasing and attacking you like zombies.

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