Top 10 Best Exotic Armor For Void Titans in Destiny 2 (November 2023)

With the Light 3.0 changes introduced with The Witch Queen DLC, Void Titans in Destiny 2 have gone from one of the least used subclasses to now one of the strongest subclasses in the entire game. However, a subclass is only as good as the Exotic armor that is paired with it. So today, we’re going over the top 10 Exotic armor for Void Titans in Destiny 2 as of the Lightfall DLC and Season of the Witch.

10. Helm Of Saint-14

Image Source: Bungie via Twinfinite

The Destiny 1 Exotic helmet, Helm of Saint-14, was released with the Curse of Osiris DLC. While this is definitely one of the most aesthetically pleasing Exotic armor pieces that pays homage to the Legendary Titan, Saint-14, its actual usage in-game is slim to none.

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