How to Recycle Your Drones in Risk of Rain Returns

Learn how to recycle your drones in Risk of Rain Returns!

Hopoo Games has decided to bring back Risk of Rain after the success of Risk of Rains 2, and fans are currently having fun with the roguelike Risk of Rain Returns. Not only was the game a remaster of the original title, but it also brought back a lot of beloved elements from Risk of Rain 2, plus some new bonuses, including different survivors to play and new game modes.

Essentially, the game is a sci-fi side-scroller shoot-em-up, and being a roguelike means that players will have to undergo randomly generated levels—not to mention the entire point of the game is to make it as difficult as possible, attracting any hardcore gamer who feels like they’re up to the challenge.

Besides the game having all kinds of different playable characters, it also has a variety of items for players to enhance their playing experience. One particular tool players have been looking for in-game is a Recycler, and there is a method of getting new Recyclers in the game whenever you need them.

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What is a Recycler?

As the name puts it, the Recycler is simply a piece of equipment from the game that allows players to transform items into something else. Players can recycle items into another item of the same tier, but once they’ve recycled an item, they won’t be able to recycle it.

It’s also worth noting that the recycler won’t be able to recycle WorldUnique items, Elite Equipment, and the Fuel Array.

In-game, the Recycler is mostly useful for clearing out your inventory of items you have too much or no use for.

With some players complaining about having too many drones to pick up, a recycler is a useful tool for a more efficient run whenever you’re going for one.

Take note: the recycler reacts differently to the lunar item Gesture of the Drowned, which triggers items automatically but reduces their cooldown. Players can keep the object away from the field of view to avoid this effect before picking it up. It also doesn’t trigger if you walk toward the item backward.

How to Get an Unlimited Recycler

The recycler is such a useful tool in the game (to the point that some players are calling it overpowered). Still, there is a way to play the game so that you have a recycler on your person at all times—and it has something to do with the Drifter survivor class.

To unlock the Drifter, simply recycle six drones into a drone recycler in one playthrough of Risk of Rain Returns.

From that point, you should:

Go to the Providence Trials and the Equivalent Exchange challenge, which will require you to “Recycle Monster Teeth to acquire Rusty Knives. You need at least eight knives before activating the teleporter.”

– Clearing the trial will unlock the Recycler skill.

– In your next run, pick the Drifter, and when it comes to his skills, replace Salvage with Recycle.

From this point, you can have a run where you will always have a recycler, and you can exchange your items for anything else in the same tier. Admittedly, some players have been claiming that the equipment is broken, but for now, many people have considered it a very useful tool for the Risk of Rain Returns.

What’s also interesting is that you can combo the recycler with a 3D Printer (interactives that can be found in any environment). The printer essentially allows players to destroy one item so that they can print a new one. Combining the two items will allow the player to convert one random item in their inventory to another completely random item.

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