Top 12 Best Trainer Battle Themes in Pokemon Games

The Pokemon games have a variety of different music throughout, with Trainer battles being some of the most enjoyable themes available. We’ve rounded up ten of the greatest character-specific tunes when it comes to battling, so follow along below to relive these legendary encounters and determine which one is truly the best (like no one ever was).


One of the highlights of Pokemon ORAS’ storyline is the post-game Delta Episode content, starring the mysterious trainer known as Zinnia. As if her design, narrative, and partner Pokemon weren’t badass enough, this theme makes her even more memorable. Zinnia’s battle music is the perfect blend of intensity and mystery, which perfectly suits her character. With the violin creating a ridiculously catchy melody among the fast-paced drums, this music is sure to make your fight against her a significant highlight within the entire ORAS game. 

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