Worst Nintendo Wii Games Everyone Loves to Hate

The Nintendo Wii had so many good titles—Mario Kart Wii, a great port of Okami, Monster Hunter Tri—but it also had a deluge of awful games that weren’t worth the material they were printed on. We’re not talking about games that are so bad they’re good. No, we’re talking about the worst Nintendo Wii games everyone loves to hate.

10. Anubis II

Image Credit: Data Design Interactive

It’s a miracle Anubis II was released, let alone ported to the Nintendo Wii. If you can spare 15 to 30 minutes, that’s all you need to beat the game, provided you manage to avoid enough bugs and glitches. None of the levels offer any real challenge other than timing and the occasional enemy. Heck, you’ll spend more time fighting the camera than you do enemies!

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