How To Complete the “Get Off My Lawn!” Trial in Risk of Rain Returns

Learn how to complete the “Get Off My Lawn!” Trial in Risk of Rain: Returns!

After the success of Risk of Rain 2, developers Hopoo Games have decided to come out with a remastered version of the first game dubbed Risk of Rain Returns.

The original game was a sci-fi retro rogue-lite that had players taking on all kinds of crazy robots and aliens, and Returns manages to add all kinds of new bells and whistles to the original, including playable survivors and all new ways to play; they’ve even added some new fan-favorite options from Risk of Rain 2.

One new game mode that’s been added to returns is the Providence Trials, and some players are having difficulty getting through a specific challenge.

What are Providence Trials

Providence Trials is a new feature added to the game besides the main campaign. The essential idea for the trials is that they’re tasks meant to challenge the player’s mastery of the game, whether it be their skills in mobility or their effectiveness in combat.

In some challenges, a player must navigate a complicated dungeon while collecting coins and avoiding enemies. In others, they simply have to take on wave after wave of baddies without dying—which is easier said than done.

Get Off My Lawn! Trial

Though all Providence Trials in the game are expected to be difficult, there is one that’s managed to stump many players called the Get off My Lawn! Trial. The description of the trial reads:

Defend yourself from the violent plants to acquire healing items. Have at least 500 health when the timer runs out.

The game will run for three minutes, and players must try to tough it out.

The problem came when some players reported that they managed to survive with 500 health, but they still couldn’t clear the trial. Some players managed to complete the trial online, but what gives?

The Get Off My Lawn! Trial is Bugged

As confirmed by u/FinnOtron on Reddit, the trial is bugged. The initial challenge says players must get at least 500 health, but the limit is 750.

We don’t know exactly how the bug happened, but some speculate that the challenge was up for players during development. However, they forgot to edit the original text for the challenge—so it still tells players to get 500, but the challenge is to walk out of the trial with a health of at least 750.

How Can You Complete the Challenge?

Though the challenge is bugged, there have been some players who have been able to surpass it. Remember, the Providence Trials’ core point is to challenge players, so it’s understandable that things could get pretty hard to achieve this trophy.

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Naturally, every player has a different playstyle that’s effective for them, but some suggest that you should always move around the area and place as many mines as possible. It’s also important to remember that destroying the fungi in the game is the win condition, so you must go after those.

Some players say that you have to prioritize killing the root creatures as fast as possible and killing enough of them will spawn more Sprouting Eggs, which will help heal you more quickly. Since the roots have damage reduction underground, it’s also advised that you taunt them into lunging at you so they can be faster to kill.

Other items can help you heal, including the Leeching Seed, which heals you when you damage enemies, and the Harvester’s Scythe, which gives you healing whenever you land a critical hit on an enemy.

Once you complete the Get Off My Lawn! Trial, you’ll eventually get the “Field Testing” achievement.

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