Risk of Rain Returns Review – A Storm of Roguelike Pleasure

Risk of Rain Returns on PC

As with most things, progress when it comes to a video game series can be clearly demonstrated in several ways. Better gameplay mechanics, an upgrade to the visuals, and a continuation of a story, these are just some avenues in which a sequel can build on previous foundations to theoretically make things better. However, for Risk of Rain Returns, Hopoo Games has gone backwards in a sense, pursuing a remaster of the original game instead of creating a sequel to Risk of Rain 2, and fans can count themselves lucky.

Image Source: Gearbox Publishing

With a decade having passed since the original, it may be fair to say that the original may be unfamiliar to many modern gamers. Thankfully, Risk of Rain Returns serves as an excellent point of entry into the franchise, delivering a whole host of improvements and tweaks to elevate an already wonderful gameplay experience made very much for the present.

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