How To Fix Coral Island Not Working on Xbox

Xbox users are having trouble when it comes to Coral Island

There are a lot of great indie games out there right now for anyone who likes farming sims, but Stariway Games’ Coral Island has gotten some great reviews from users ever since it launched.

In the game, players run around Coral Island and create a new life, farming the land and collecting various animals. What’s more, you can also build relationships with the game’s characters, and you can all help make Coral Island a more livable and sustainable place.

There have been comparisons to games like Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon, but one particular feature of Coral Island that players have noticed is just how sexy all of the characters around the town are. Not only will players be encouraged to explore the cute and colorful landscape, but they’ll also be able to do some social exploring with the townsfolk, with some very viable characters available for dating.

Coral Island Not Working on Xbox

As you can expect with every newly launched game nowadays, multiple players online have been reporting some problems concerning Coral Island. Some have been having a hard time installing the game via the Xbox or Microsoft Store app, and they’ve also been experiencing a lot of lag when it comes to gameplay.

Some of the most common complaints coming out online include the lack of music playing and the tools not having any audio save for a few. The game is also prone to crashing, and players have reported having to reboot it several times. There are also some issues regarding delayed controls and apparent ‘dead zones’ when it comes to the usual controller.

Luckily, there are some fixes that players can do to try and address the problem, but they can get a bit technical.

Fixing the Installation Problem

When it comes to Coral Island, some have been having an issue with the game not being able to install properly, and it’s been advised for players to check out the apps that install the game first before meddling with the game itself.

1. Ensure that Microsoft and Xbox Account are Linked to the Same Profile

2. Uninstall and reinstall both the Microsoft Store and Xbox Store apps. Reinstall Coral Island after doing so.

3. Repair/Verify the game files via the launcher app that Coral Island is on.

4. Update the graphics card on your platform.

5. Make sure Windows is updated on your PC.

Going back to graphics, some developers have said that the Razor Cortex graphics card kind of clashes with the game, so disabling it should make the game run better. Coral Island doesn’t support integrated graphics cards and needs a dedicated graphics card to play properly on a system.

Incoming Patches

With the game just recently launched, fans expect the developers to have a very close look at the statistics, which should inform their next patch for the game.

According to SteamDB, a patch for the game had been released 2 hours after the official launch. It didn’t come with any patch notes, but we should expect it to address several problems the team was aware of before the game was officially released.

With Coral Island receiving such high praise from its early access players, it was expected that many users would want to check this indie game out immediately when it launched. Like with any big game on launch day, though, the game was also reported to have several issues from multiple players—which is expected in modern game development, especially with multiplayer options and live service models.

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