6 Reasons Why GTA 6 Should be a Sequel, Not A Prequel

There may not be any game more anticipated than Grand Theft Auto VI right now. With 2013’s Grand Theft Auto V being one of the highest-selling games of all time (and seeing a multitude of re-releases), fans are clearly more than ready for the next entry in the series. The long wait has felt even harsher with the recent leak of about 90 videos worth of early gameplay for this new title.

Major questions have obviously been posed about where GTA VI will take the franchise. While some want the franchise to continue pushing in a modern direction to feel more like a “sequel”, others have been more interested in the prospect of returning to past locations and time periods to be more of a “prequel.” Here are six reasons why we feel that Grand Theft Auto VI should push forward and become a sequel, rather than a prequel.

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