It only took hours for modders to crowbar 4k support into the Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection—now they’ve added ultrawide, high-res UI support, and more

We don’t love the Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection around these parts, but if you don’t want to run your original PlayStation copies through an emulator, it’s the only game in town on PC. Thankfully, modders have come to the rescue.

We previously reported on how Sergeanur cranked out their MGSResolution patch a mere 10 hours after the Master Collection unlocked on Steam. On October 29, Sergeanur fixed the UI and codec bugs their mod introduced in MGS2, resolving one of our major initial issues with it.

If you want to play the Master Collection in ultrawide or other custom resolutions, you’re in luck. As reported by GamingOnLinux, the MGSHDFix by Lyall, emoose, ShizCalev, and yoyossef offers ultrawide support (with the minimal compromise of some UI stretching). In total, MGSHDFix offers:

Custom resolution/ultrawide support.Experimental 16:9 HUD option that resizes HUD/movies (MGS2/MGS3).Borderless/windowed mode.Mouse cursor toggle.Mouse sensitivity adjustment (MGS3).Correct gameplay/cutscene aspect ratio (MGS2/MGS3).Skip intro logos (MGS2/MGS3).Adjustable anisotropic filtering (MGS2/MGS3).Increased texture size limits. (MG1/MG2/MGS3)

Metal Gear Solid 1, meanwhile, remains stuck in its original PS1 4:3 aspect ratio and 240p resolution, as it seems to run through PS1 emulation, as opposed to natively like MGS2 and 3 in the collection. MGS1 only gets worse if you use a non-US or Japanese language pack, which will bafflingly lock the game to the 50hz, 25fps PAL standard⁠—absolute death on a 60hz display.

You never want to devolve into the ironically lazy habit of “lazy devs” finger wagging, but I absolutely question publisher Konami’s decision making and resource allocation on the Master Collection if modders are fixing it this quickly. It also makes it difficult to drum up excitement for Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater, the MGS3 full remake. My colleague, Rich Stanton, dug the initial footage, but I just have a pit in my stomach over the whole deal.

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