Celebrating the one-year anniversary of God of War Ragnarök

It has officially been one year since the launch of God of War Ragnarök. Since the very first time this game was announced, the support we felt from fans has been truly incredible. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to see players finally get ahold of the game and create so much wonderful conversation, content, and community around it.

As a thank you from all of us at Santa Monica Studio for your continued support of the games we make, we put together a few things to celebrate God of War Ragnarök officially turning one-year-old!

God of War Ragnarök Lofi Beats to Journal to

Join Atreus in the Realm Between Realms for a chill session of journaling, working, or beating up monsters. Featuring a mix of three tracks, you’ll recognize familiar songs from Bear McCreary’s iconic God of War Ragnarök and God of War (2018) scores with LoFi spin.  

We’re thrilled to be able to partner with the talented Alex Moukala (assisted by Lawrence Ravagnan) for the musical performance and the wonderful team at Spud Gun Studios for the animation on this piece.

God of War Ragnarök – Midgard Mishaps 2

A sequel to the first Midgard Mishaps we released after the launch of God of War (2018), this misadventure through game development captures some of the unintentionally hilarious moments that emerged during the creation of God of War Ragnarök.

A special thank you and shout-out to the QA teams at Santa Monica Studio and PlayStation whose work helped keep these mishaps out of the experience we were able to share with fans one year ago.

One Year Later Infographic

You all have been keeping Kratos busy in the Nine Realms over the last year. From comforting Best Girls Speki and Svanna to besting Valkyrie Queen Gná, we wanted to celebrate a selection of your many accomplishments in God of War Ragnarök.

Community Showcase – Combat Experts and Speedrunners

Whether doing no-hit Spartan Armor run or trying to beat the Berserkers as fast as possible, the God of War community has a ton of talented creators who have dedicated themselves towards mastering the combat with finesse.

Learn more about what it takes to be some of the best in the world at God of War’s combat in our latest community showcase.

Once again, we want to extend our gratitude to all the fans around the world who have shown support for God of War Ragnarök. It means everything to our team at Santa Monica Studio to be able to continue making games we love for players who enjoy them.

This last year has been truly amazing, thank you.  


For the latest updates around God of War Ragnarök, make sure you follow Santa Monica Studio on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. To join the conversation with other fans, head to the official Santa Monica Studio Discord. God of War Ragnarök is available now.

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