10 Big Improvements GTA 6 Needs to Reinvigorate the Franchise

After almost a decade of playing Grand Theft Auto 5 and its many re-releases, the hype for the next entry is at a fever pitch. When GTA VI releases the game will likely become one of the biggest entertainment launches in history, just like previous entries. However, if Rockstar intends to impress gamers once again, they’ll need to make these 10 big improvements to avoid letting down gamers the same way that recent triple-A titles have.

10. Focus the Narrative Again

Image Source: Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto 5 broke new ground for the series by crafting a narrative featuring the three playable characters; Micheal, Trevor, and Franklin. Each character felt distinct and interesting in their way. However, the story is told from three perspectives making the game’s overall themes seem convoluted to a certain extent.

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