DND 5e First Level Abjuration Spells Gallery with DALLE3 Prompts

Abjuration magic in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (D&D 5e) serves as the protective school, a bastion of defensive and warding spells that allow spellcasters to shield themselves and their allies from harm, dispel hostile magic, and create barriers that keep enemies at bay. This school of magic is the mystical equivalent of donning armor and raising shields, turning the tide of battle by negating and repelling threats rather than confronting them head-on.

At the heart of every abjuration spellcaster’s arsenal are their first-level spells—these foundational magics set the stage for the protective power they will wield as they grow in skill and experience. Spells such as “Shield,” which throws up a magical barrier to deflect attacks, and “Protection from Evil and Good,” which wards a creature against the malevolent influences of certain types of creatures, exemplify the school’s focus on defense and prevention.

But what do these spells look like in the heat of an adventuring party’s harrowing encounters? How does one capture the essence of abjuration’s safeguards and protective auras? That’s where the magic of modern AI image generation comes in, with tools like DALL-E 3 offering a means to visualize these arcane wards.

Below is a gallery of first-level Abjuration spells from D&D 5e, accompanied by DALL-E 3 prompts that could be used to bring each spell to life. These prompts aim to inspire artists, Dungeon Masters, and players alike, providing a visual anchor for the abjuration magic that might pulse and shimmer in their game worlds.

Absorb Elements DALLE3 Prompt

Depict an elderly wizard standing with confidence on a rocky terrain, with his hand outstretched as he absorbs a bolt of lightning into his body. The scene is dramatic and filled with energy, as the lightning crackles and arcs towards his palm, illuminating his wise face and flowing beard. He is dressed in a traditional wizard’s robe, adorned with symbols of ancient magic. Around him, the air shimmers with the power of the spell ‘Absorb Elements’, showcasing a subtle visual effect that suggests he is lessening the impact of the lightning and preparing to harness its power. The mood is intense and mystical, capturing the essence of a tabletop RPG spellcasting moment.

Alarm Spell Prompt for DALLE3

Create an image of a wizard casting the ‘Alarm’ spell on an inn’s room door. The wizard is deeply concentrated, with his hand outstretched towards the door, which glows with a faint green light indicating the enchantment. He is clad in a traveler’s cloak, signifying his journeyman status. Behind him, the room is dimly illuminated, evoking an evening setting, and various adventurer gear is neatly arranged, signifying the party’s preparation for night. A halfling, full of wonder, peeks around the wizard, curious about the magical process. The inn’s atmosphere is cozy and welcoming, yet the luminescence on the door suggests a layer of protection and alertness, which will warn the wizard and his party of any unauthorized entry.

Armor of Agathys DALLE3 Prompt

Illustrate a female warlock at the entrance of a cave casting the ‘Armor of Agathys’. A spectral frost materializes around her, creating a shimmering protective layer over her and her equipment. Her two companions, a male elf ranger and a female tiefling rogue, stand by her side, observing with a mix of awe and anticipation. The warlock’s armor and garments are intricately detailed, and the magical frost clings to her form, accentuating her powerful presence. The cave behind them looms ominously, and the ambient light emphasizes the chilling effect of the spell, contrasting the darkness of the cave entrance.

Ceremony – Bless Water DALLE-3 Prompt

Craft an image of a paladin in full ceremonial armor performing a sacred rite to bless water. The paladin, with a reverent and solemn expression, stands before an altar in a place of worship, sunlight streaming through stained glass windows casting multicolored patterns on the stone floor. In the paladin’s gauntleted hand is a small vial of water, which is the focus of the ceremony. As the paladin utters the blessing, a soft golden glow emanates from the vial, signifying the water’s transformation into holy water. The atmosphere is one of tranquility and reverence, with lit candles and religious symbols adorning the altar, enhancing the sanctity of the ritual.

Mage Armor prompt for DALLE3

Illustrate a wizard with a long beard and traditional robes, extending his hand to touch a halfling rogue. The rogue, significantly shorter and wearing a cloak and leather armor, is surrounded by a glowing blue light that signifies a protective magic source. The rogue appears reassured and ready for adventure, while the wizard’s face shows concentration and the exertion of his magical powers. The setting is an ancient library filled with towering bookshelves and scrolls, hinting at a brief moment of preparation before a perilous quest. The blue light should cast soft glows on the surrounding tomes and artifacts, adding a mystical atmosphere to the scene.

Sanctuary DALLE3 Prompt

Visualize a scene where a wizard, garbed in elaborate robes, is casting the spell ‘Sanctuary’ on an elven cleric. The cleric, with pointed ears and a composed expression, is standing in a heroic pose. A vibrant green ward symbol is prominently displayed on the cleric’s body, superimposed on the shiny surface of the cleric’s metal armor. The symbol glows brightly, indicating the active protection of the spell. The wizard focuses intently, channeling the spell through a raised hand directed towards the cleric. The setting is a sacred grove with dappled sunlight filtering through the leaves, highlighting the solemnity of the magical rite.

Shield Spell Prompt (DALLE3)

Depict a female dark elf wizard casting the ‘Shield’ spell. As she invokes the spell, an invisible barrier of magical force materializes, manifesting as a visible ripple of energy that distorts the view of her figure. Her appearance through this magical shield is warped, highlighting the power and protection of the spell. The wizard stands with confidence, her hands outstretched to enhance the shield, and her robes fluttering with the arcane energy. The setting is a mystical landscape, which adds to the ambiance of potent magic at work.

Snare DALLE-3 Prompt

Create an image of a wizard in a dense forest, bending down to touch a glowing magic rope on the forest floor. The wizard is mid-cast of the ‘Snare’ spell, his fingers are intricately positioned as if weaving the spell’s energy into the rope, which is set as a trap. The rope emits a soft, pulsating glow, indicating its enchanted nature. The wizard’s face is one of concentration, and his robes are adorned with symbols of enchantment and traps. The surrounding forest is lush, with rays of sunlight peeking through the canopy, casting dappled light across the scene, enhancing the magical ambiance of the moment.

Protection from Evil DALL-E-3 Prompt

Visualize a focused male human wizard with a stern expression, hands raised as he casts ‘Protection from Evil’ on a female tiefling rogue. The tiefling, poised for battle with her distinct horns and tail, is encased within a translucent protective bubble of magical energy. This bubble causes her figure to appear blurry and out of focus, symbolizing the powerful magical protection encompassing her. Her sleek, functional armor is faintly visible through the glow of the bubble. The scene is set against an ominous backdrop, signaling the brink of battle, with a charged sky and the vague shapes of foes approaching in the distance.

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