Adele made her kid a Rust costume for Halloween, though ‘can’t say he really loved it’

Grammy-winning British singer-songwriter Adele is currently in the middle of a multi-year Las Vegas residency at Caesars Palace. “Weekends with Adele” runs until 2024, and the idea came about after the artist found herself fed-up with the touring life but still wishing to perform in more intimate settings where she can talk to the audience a whole bunch. Which is why she’s now in PC Gamer, because it turns out her son’s a Rust nut.

Adele’s son Angelo was born in 2012, and during a recent show she talked about their Halloween arrangements, beginning with “do we have any gamers here tonight?” There are more than a few whoops from the crowd, which the artist finds very funny, before pointing out one guy who’s “definitely a fucking gamer” and getting something off her mind about the holiday.


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“Have you heard of a game called Rust?” Adele asks the audience to affirmative cheers. “Oh my god you have? So my son is into Rust […] anyway so he wanted to go as a Rust character trick-or-treating. Now that game hasn’t been franchised, you can’t even buy party decorations from Rust, so I had to make a fucking outfit from scratch.”

Perhaps the most amusing thing about this is the Tottenham-born singer’s strong London accent, so the swears come across as “fahking gamer” and “fahking outfit.” Incidentally, Rust has done a few tie-ins for gaming chairs and figures, though not the kind of stuff Adele’s lad was after.

“Luckily I’m a wizard on Amazon, I can find anything,” continues Adele. “So I made this very, very homemade outfit, a Rust outfit for Halloween. I can’t say that he really loved it. It felt very homemade, then I got stressed and he got stressed and we had a bit of an argument that I felt bad about but then we went trick-or-treating… so that was my Monday and Tuesday.”

Having assembled various costumes for my kids over the years I can confirm: the little sods are never as grateful as they should be. I suppose the weirder thing with Rust is that you could pretty much wear a vest and pants and call it a Rust costume, though I bet this kid wanted the full-on helmet and rifle combo. The young man best learn to show some appreciation for mother’s DIY skills anyway, before he ends up the topic of a banging tune about ingratitude.

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