Online Games That’ll Teach You Necessary Skills

When was the last time you sat down online and played some great games? Most people try not to do that, especially if they have kids. But it’s become one of the biggest ways to wind down in a world where the cost of living crisis is going through the roof and gaming is even becoming more expensive. We still need an outlet. We still need somewhere to be able to retreat, to distract ourselves, and to concentrate on something else.

If you watch the news too much, you end up depressed for all the war. If you’re working around the clock to make sure that you can just about scrape enough to put food on the table, you need something to distract you and remind you that the world isn’t all bad because there are still people out there creating online games that can give you a whole new experience. So, let’s take a look at some of the types of games out there and what skills they can give you.

Online Games to Teach You Skills

Some people like to go online and play games like blackjack or rummy, but other people love to go online and pretend to drive cars at a high speed. No matter what kind of flavor of online game you like, you need to know that online games can actually give you some necessary skills that you may not be able to get through regular interaction with the everyday world.

Games are being used today to allow people to relax and destress and cope with all of the pressures in their everyday lives. Whether it’s something that you do for fun like boxing games or something that you do for money like poker, you should know that online games can give you some valuable skills that you really can’t achieve elsewhere.

Build Your Own PC

There are games that will teach you to build your own PC. If you are interested in technology and all that that conveys, then you’ll love games that allow you to build your own PC. Not only will you learn the ins and outs and the basics of how to build your own PC, you’ll learn troubleshooting and diagnostics for fixing it.

Playing this particular game, you’ll be able to learn how to fix your own PC tower at home. You can even build your own repair shop and run it. And because of the multiple expansions, you’ll be able to include things like esports or Razer needs. Of course, you may not be able to build your very own real computer from scratch, just from using a game, but it can teach you exactly what you need to know, so you could always give it a go if that’s what you’d like to do.

Learn to Communicate

There are games that will teach you to communicate. We’re not just talking about games with an online chat component, because, as you know, there are plenty of online games out there that do allow you to connect to other people. We’re talking about games such as Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes that can teach you to diffuse a situation.

In Nobody Explodes there is a bomb and you and a friend play together with one of you defusing the bomb while the other has a manual to read. You can’t see what your friend can see, and they can’t see what you can see, which means you are solely forced to rely on each other ‘s ability to communicate effectively to get the bomb defused so that nobody explodes. Which is why you have to keep talking and keep communicating. This is going to bleed into everyday life and you will be very successful for you if you play it right.

Fix Your Vehicle

There are games that teach you to fix your car. Have you ever hated when your car breaks down? You’re not the only one. Nobody wants to have to go to a mechanic if they don’t have to right? Well, there are mechanic simulators out there that can give you the basics of running a mechanics shop.

You’ll learn to deal with customers, you’ll learn to fix the cars and you’ll learn to recognize when repairs are needed. The more you’ll play, the more you’ll learn, and the more you’ll learn to be able to do everything from general car tune-ups to engine repairs. It’s a game that may not translate directly into the car that you have, but it’s going to really help you learn how to do it.

Develop Critical Thinking

There are games that allow you to develop critical thinking skills. Honestly, every online game can do this in some way or another, but games such as 911 Operator allows you to become a top performing operator online. You’ll learn to play the operator on call at 911 service and you can determine what emergency level is called in. If you take the game seriously enough, you’ll be able to hone those thinking skills and become more critical with them. Not all situations have the right amount of detail, which means that you could apply any of these skills to any games.

Build a Community

There are games that can teach you to build your own community. From roadblocks to Minecraft. There are plenty of games out there that teach you how to build your community and complete objectives. It can also help you to learn how to code and teaches you engineering while you play.

There are plenty of Minecraft games out there that have been created where people have made some incredible, incredible things just because of a game. There’s a reason that so many schools now use Minecraft in their challenges and curriculums to be used in a class, and this is specific to their math and science classes. It makes sense to use it as a teaching tool for kids, and it’s a good way to help kids to unwind after a stressful day at school as well.

Learn How to Cook

There are games that can teach you to cook. OK, so you won’t learn the exact technique for chopping a carrot or julienned tomatoes, but you’ll still be able to learn how to match the fast-paced nature of a restaurant. There are cooking games that will allow you to effectively dash around the restaurant so that you can serve customers before the time runs out.

There are also games that allow you to serve others before the time runs out, which is often not the easiest thing to do. The games can be for all ages and set to your experience level, so as you learn in a cooking simulator, you’ll be able to keep up with the parameters for time.

Learn How to Farm

You could learn how to run a farm. Do you remember the craze of FarmVille on Facebook back in the early 2010s? You’ll be able to learn how to run and build your own farm, and you’ll be able to learn how to raise animals and cook and even fish. Forming relationships with your neighbors in online farming games is one of the best things that you can do if you’re learning to become more communicative.

But there are so many ways that you can build relationships and develop your skills here. Not only will you learn how to manage stressful situations, which, let’s face it, farms can be, but you’ll be able to learn how to add profit and make money and make your farm become something better.

Learn How to Fly

Have you ever wanted to learn to fly? We’re not talking about jumping out of a plane and transitioning from skydive to flapping your arms and flying, but we are talking about flying a plane. As with any simulation game, you’re going to be able to improve the way that you do things, and flight simulation games can help you to learn the ins and outs and the basics of being able to fly a plane.

Of course, piloting is generally out of touch and out of reach for some people. It’s not something that you can just get up and do one day because it takes a lot of practice and a lot of learning to get through. However, flight simulation games can give you the experience of learning how to fly your own jet without having to leave your house.

Learn Architecture & More

You can learn to build a village. The Sims is one of the most revered online role-playing games you could ever play. Not only will you learn how to build a life, but with a simulator, therefore building a dream life for you. It will help you to learn how to manage relationships and build a home and learn the process of being able to become successful.

It takes time to get it right with The Sims, but once you’ve got it and your game is formed, you’re going to be able to create something that you stick with for years if that’s what you want to do. The Sims can also help you to connect to other people, so it’s definitely a game you’ll want to play at least once.


Learning real-life skills from a video game isn’t the best way to learn, but it’s the most fun!

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