How To Unlock the Sunken Cathedral Door in Blasphemous 2

Learn how to unlock the Sunken Cathedral Door in Blasphemous 2!

The Game Kitchen had gotten rave reviews back in 2019 for the release of their Metroidvania Blasphemous, and now the studio is back with the critically praised Blasphemous 2, which has all the kinds of dark, grotesque pixelated imagery that you can expect from the franchise.

In Blasphemous II, you take the role of the Penitent One on a quest to save the world of Cvstodia from the return of something called The Miracle. In the game, the Penitent One must jump and slash across dark corridors and dungeons, going up against all kinds of enemies—all themed around religion, guilt, and redemption.

There are multiple easter eggs and challenges scattered throughout the game besides the main story. Still, one particular challenge at the Sunken Cathedral does have a lot of players scratching their heads.

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Locked Door at the Sunken Cathedral in Blasphemous 2

One easter egg in particular that’s left a lot of players stumped is in the Sunken Cathedral. In the left part of the stage, there is a door behind an enemy that summons ghost fish attacks, with no visible way to open it anywhere around the location.

As it turns out, unlocking the door will have you going farther away without the door visible; plus, it will require mastery of the Penitent One’s moveset and weapons.

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Earn Scion’s Protection

Unfortunately, you can’t just unlock the door without earning some abilities of the Penitent One as you play throughout the game. Probably the most integral part of unlocking the door is having the ability of Scion’s Protection, which will allow the Penitent One to grab on specific ornaments, opening up new locations for him to access.

To get Scion’s Protection, it’s important that you’ve already beaten Odon of the Confraternity of Salt, and you must also have the Air Dash/Mercy of the Wind ability.

From the Severed Tower Savepoint, proceed right, climb up, and go to the left. You can dash through all the enemies, but at the end of the path, you’ll find a new ability with Scion’s Protection. It’s described as:

The Penitent One now has the help of the Brothers of the Miracle. Hold on tightly to their ornaments to reach previously inaccessible places.

Once you receive this ability, you can return to the Sunken Cathedral and attempt to unlock the door.

How to Unlock the Door at the Sunken Cathedral

About two floors above where the door is located, there will be a ledge on the left side of the stage, which will have a Scion’s Protection ornament for you to jump on. Jump on it and follow the path of the ornaments, and it will lead you straight to a teleporting mirror you have to dash through.

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The mirror will direct you to a glass lock that will open the locked door two floors below.

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What’s Behind the Door?

When you go through the door, you’ll find a young girl in a bed with a candle at the end of it. Approach the candle and blow out the flame, and the girl on the bed will disappear.

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This is part of a challenge in the game, which can earn you the House of Grief and Hatred Trophy. There are five ‘Sick Daughters’ scattered around the entire game. You can find the others at the Crown of Towers, Basilica of Absent Faces, Grilles and Ruin, and Elevated Temples. If you locate all of them, you can access a gauntlet-type challenge at the Streets of Wakes.

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Interacting with the NPC will trigger a dream sequence where you must face a gauntlet of enemies. If you finish them all, you can earn the House of Grief and Hatred Trophy. This is essential for anyone who wants to 100% Blasphemous 2.

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