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Tracking down all seven Gold Balls in Like a Dragon Gaiden is a tricky challenge, even for those seasoned in the ways of strange collectibles. While running around Sotenbori or The Castle, you might find one of these lucky golden spheres and gather from its description that laying your hands on all seven will grant you a wish.

This is actually linked to a request you can undertake for the Akame Network in chapter three called Gotta Catch Em’ Balls, where you have to find all seven to give to ball-enthusiast Shen. While you can’t grab all the balls straight away, they will unlock as the game progresses, so stay frosty. Here’s where to find every Gold Ball in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

Ebisu Pawn – Sotenbori

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You can buy a Gold Ball from Ebisu Pawn for 77,777 yen (Image credit: SEGA)

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Ebisu Pawn location (Image credit: SEGA)

The first Gold Ball can be purchased at the Ebisu Pawn Broker store in Shofukucho when you first arrive in Sotenbori. Since it’s quite expensive, you’ll need to earn some money first. I suggest running around the streets looking for items to grab on rooftops and signs, since many of these are plates that you can sell for cash.

Kiss Shot Billiards – Sotenbori

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You can exchange for a Gold Ball at Kiss Shot Billiards (Image credit: SEGA)

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Kiss Shot Billiards location (Image credit: SEGA)

The second Gold Ball is located at Kiss Shot Billiards & Bar in west Shofukucho. You’ll need to earn 777 points to exchange for this prize, but that’s pretty easy to gather if you complete a couple of the one shot challenges. 

Akame Shop – Sotenbori

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You can get a Gold Ball from the Akame Shop (Image credit: SEGA)

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You’ll have to invest in it up to the 150,000 yen level (Image credit: SEGA)

Once you unlock the Akame Network and the Akame Shop via the main story, you can purchase a Gold Ball from her. You’ll need to upgrade the shop to its maximum level by investing 150,000 yen, but after that you can purchase the ball for 777 points. You can get these by completing odd jobs, requests, and goals in the activity log.

Masked Bodybuilder – The Castle

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You can grab a Gold Ball from the crotch of a body builder (Image credit: SEGA)

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Conveyor belt dancer location (Image credit: SEGA)

When you arrive in The Castle in the main story, you can grab a Gold Ball from a bodybuilder. From the entrance, head straight on and turn left to stand next to the sign saying “casino welcome”. You’ll spot some dancers on conveyor belts wearing animal masks just over the balustrade. Keep watching and you’ll spy a masked bodybuilder with an item glowing on his crotch. Grab this to get your fourth Gold Ball.

Oni Statue – The Castle

You can find one Gold Ball in the crotch of an Oni statue (Image credit: SEGA)

Upon reaching Silver Rank in The Castle coliseum through the main story, you’ll be able to grab your fifth Golden Ball. To enter or exit the fighter’s lounge via the stairs, you have to pass under the crotch of a giant Oni statue—you might see the woman nearby commenting that she thinks she can see a shiny ball up there. Stand at the top of the stairs, gaze up into the crotchal zone, and claim your fifth Gold Ball.

Solve the Mysterious Note – Sotenbori

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The four turtles from the riddle are located in north Shofukucho (Image credit: SEGA)

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Grab the Gold Ball from the storefront opposite (Image credit: SEGA)

This odd job unlocks once you reach chapter four in the game and time shifts to day.. You can find the exclamation point marking it on the north bank walkway of the river where a guy will hand you a note containing a riddle: Four turtles form the pillars of this city. Beyond their gazes, a glittering orb resides. The answer is located in north Shofukucho at the building with the four turtle pillars at its entrance. Look at the opposite side of the street—where the turtles are facing—and you’ll spot the Gold Ball.

Riverboat Cruise – Sotenbori

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You can grab a Gold Ball from the crotch of the guy posing on the riverboat (Image credit: SEGA)

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Not every boat will have the guy on it (Image credit: SEGA)

This last Gold Ball only appears in the daytime, so make sure you handle it before the final freetime the game gives you—which is sadly at night. Head to the north riverbank and watch as the riverboats pass. Every few riverboats moving east to west along the river, one will appear going west to east with a half-naked guy posing on the front. Like the conveyor belt dancer, you’ll have to grab the last Gold Ball from his crotch. There’s actually an odd job linked to photographing the man, so it’s possible he may not appear until you take it.

So what’s the reward?

(Image credit: SEGA)

Once you’ve gathered all seven Gold Balls, you can go and visit Shen, the ball enthusiast who was requesting them. After an unhealthy number of ball-related puns, Shen will offer to grant you a wish. Here’s what you can choose:

I want the normal, peaceful life I once had: Shen will say he can’t grant this and will make you choose again.I want endless riches: Shen will give you 1,000,000 yen.I want eternal life: Shen will give you 100 Nourishment of the Sea King.I want sexy panties: Shen will give you his own gold panties, which you can sell for 1,500,000 yen.

If you’re still playing the game and planning on completing all the coliseum fights, then choosing eternal life is definitely the way to go. This will give you more healing than you ever need, plus you can’t even buy Nourishment of the Sea King healing items in regular shops. If you do want money instead, make sure to ask for the panties so you can sell them for extra cash.

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