Football Manager 2024 best wonderkids and free transfers

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are turning, the clocks go back, and a subsection of PC gamers while away the autumnal evenings looking at spreadsheets of promising teenaged attacking midfielders. Football Manager 2024 is here, and would you believe it; there are some wonderkids in the database again this year. 

Wonderkids are young players with high potential ability ratings (a hidden stat in-game) and a tendency to reach that PA stat early in their career. Many of them are much cheaper at the start of your game than they will be after a few seasons when their strong performances drive their reputation stat (also hidden in-game), their transfer value, and their wage expectations upwards.

The idea is, you buy them before they blow up, and then either get ten great years of football out of them or sell them on for a profit—concepts that Todd Boehly would find terribly quaint, but that yield fantastic results in both FM and the real game. 

How we chose our wonderkids

Wonderkids are cheap players with decent potential (Image credit: Sports Interactive)

There are dozens of wonderkids in each position in the FM24, and if you want to see them all, we recommend visiting FM Scout’s excellent wonderkids guide. What you’ll find below is a more curated selection. All these players are currently earning under £5k/week, which is some indication that they haven’t been discovered and become global superstars yet.

Most of the players here are at clubs they could be tempted away from, particularly if you have deep pockets or a particularly prestigious badge. There are exceptions, like Barcelona’s Marc Bernal, who are already at the top tier of clubs, but even Bernal’s head can be turned at the start of the game and based on his current value to potential rating ratio, it’s worth spending big in 2023 to sell even bigger five years down the line.

With the rationale laid out then, let’s hunt for some wonderkids.


Here are the best wonderkid goalkeepers in FM24:

Rome-Jayden Owusu-Oduro

Age: 19Club: AZNationality: DutchSalary: 0.5K/week

Jack Thompson

Age: 16Club: DerbyNationality: EnglishSalary: 0.2K/week

Bartosz Zelasowski

Age: 18Club: OGC NiceNationality: PolishSalary: 0.1K/week

Central defenders

Here are the best wonderkid central defenders in FM24:

Chadi Riyad

Age: 20Club: Real HispalisNationality: MoroccanSalary: 3K/week

Jorrel Hato

Age: 17Club: AjaxNationality: DutchSalary: 3K/week

Martin Vitik

Age: 20Club: Sparta PragueNationality: CzechSalary: 3K/week

Full-backs (left)

Here are the best wonderkid left full-backs in FM24:

Matteo Ruggeri

Age: 20Club: AtalantaNationality: ItalianSalary: 1K/week

Harvey Araujo

Age: 18Club: FulhamNationality: EnglishSalary: 0.4K/week

Alex Valle

Age: 19Club: LevanteNationality: SpanishSalary: 2K/week

Full-backs (right)

Here are the best wonderkid right full-backs in FM24:

Filippo Missori

Age: 19Club: SassuoloNationality: ItalianSalary: 0.9K/week

Michael Kayode

Age: 19Club: FiorentinaNationality: ItalianSalary: 0.2K/week

Arnau Martinez

Age: 20Club: GironaNationality: SpanishSalary: 3K/week

Defensive midfielders

Here are the best wonderkid defensive midfielders in FM24:

Adam Wharton

Age: 19Club: BlackburnNationality: EnglishSalary: 5K/week

Giacomo Faticanti

Age: 18Club: SalentoNationality: ItalianSalary: 2K/week

Marc Bernal

Age: 16Club: BarcelonaNationality: SpanishSalary: 0.7K/week

Central midfielders

Here are the best wonderkid central midfielders in FM24:

Archie Gray

Age: 17Club: LeedsNationality: EnglishSalary: 1K/week

Assan Ouedraogo

Age: 17Club: LeedsNationality: EnglishSalary: 1K/week

Joao Veloso

Age: 18Club: BenficaNationality: PortugueseSalary: 3K/week

Left wingers

Here are the best wonderkid left wingers in FM24:

Mikey Moore

Age: 15Club: TottenhamNationality: EnglishSalary: 0.1K/week

Joao Rego

Age: 18Club: Benfica Nationality: PortugueseSalary: 3K/week

Kendry Paez

Age: 16Club: Independiente del ValleNationality: EcuadorianSalary: 0.1K/week

Right wingers

Here are the best wonderkid right wingers in FM24:

Lamine Yamal

Age: 15Club: BarcelonaNationality: SpanishSalary: 0.1K/week

Shea Lacey

Age: 16Club: Man UtdNationality: EnglishSalary: 0.1K/week

Ben Doak

Age: 17Club: LiverpoolNationality: ScottishSalary: 3K/week

Central attacking midfielders

Here are the best wonderkid central attacking midfielders in FM24:


Age: 16Club: SEPNationality: BrazilianSalary: 0.2K/week

Jano Monserrate

Age: 17Club: Real Zaragoza BNationality: SpanishSalary: 0.3K/week

Junior Kroupi

Age: 17Club: FC LorientNationality: FrenchSalary: 3K/week


Here are the best wonderkid left strikers in FM24:


Age: 16Club: SEPNationality: BrazilianSalary: 3K/week

Gabriel Silva

Age: 16Club: Sporting CPNationality: PortugueseSalary: 0.1K/week

Enzo Sternal

Age: 16Club: OMNationality: FrenchSalary: 0.6K/week

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