AutoFull’s combo of gaming chairs and standing desks should have your attention

It’s easy to forget yourself when gaming, but the fact is that sitting for hours and hours in a tense position can be as taxing on your back as late-night sessions are on your ever-drying eyes. While eye-drops can provide relief for the latter issue, the matter of posture and seating is best resolved by a high-end gaming chair, which is where gaming accessory designer AutoFull comes in.

AutoFull has for years been the chair of choice at gaming tournaments such as LPL and KPL, and has seated legendary eSports teams including Rogue, RNG, LGD, DRG, 4AM, and Wolf. There’s good reason these guys have been voted as the most prestigious esports chair brand among players for years on end, and this line-up of their latest products goes a long way in showing why.


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Price: $599.99

The star feature in the M6 is the dynamic tracking lumbar support, which adapts the built-in lumbar support according to your specific positioning and body type, keeping you comfortable (and healthy) over long gaming hours.

The 6D foldable mechanical armrests provide six different angles of arm support, which can be adjusted to, for example, support the weight of your forearm when playing mobile games, or widening the position of the armrests to better support your arms when playing on a PC.

If you want to chill with a controller, watch some Twitch, or take a nap after a long streaming session, just lean back with the 160-degree reclining backrest, which will also bring up the built-in footrest. Need to roll the chair around like a detective fastidiously poring over crime scene photos and court documents? You can do so smoothly and quietly thanks to the soft PU wheels.

The ultra-soft porous leather is more breathable and comfortable than traditional leather, while the 576cm² spring cushion allows you to easily change between various sitting postures (cross-legged sitting, sitting with waist propped up, you-name-it).

For that extra peace of mind, the chair also comes with a warranty of three years, but don’t worry, because that wear-resistant leather is made to last. It’s super-easy to put together too, so really the only thing you need to worry about when gaming is the on-screen action. 


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Price: $249.99 | $299.99 (Graffiti Model/use code for $40 off)

The C3 Gaming Chair is the more wallet-friendly alternative to the M6, while looking super-stylish with its futuristic mecha-purple color scheme, graffiti elements and distinctive embroidered design. 

The upgraded seat cushion and stain-resistant leather will stand (or, y’know, seat) the test of time, while the enlarged seat cushion, and comfy, adjustable lumbar pillow give it the plush, decadent feeling of a gaming throne. The reclining backrest tilts freely between 90°-160°, while the footrest and rocking functions accommodate more relaxed gaming positions (or snoozing).


(Image credit: AutoFull M7 Productions)

Price: $299.99 (Amazon | Official Store)

Desks have largely gone ignored by major gaming accessory brands, but AutoFull appreciates the importance of mixing up your gaming position when you’re going to be in front of your PC for hours. There’s a growing body of research to show that switching between sitting and standing at a computer has plenty of health benefits, and this standing desk *ahem* rises to the task.

The AutoFull standing gaming desk supports a range of features, starting with an

Adjustable height range between 73cm and 118cm, letting you easily set the sitting and standing heights that work for you. With a slick little cup holder to house those energy drinks, and a cool curvy design, this desk will provide just the motivation you need to haul yourself up from AutoFull’s esteemed gaming chairs for stints of stand-up gaming. It takes a little getting used to, but your body will thank you for it down the line.

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