Fortnite OG Victory Umbrella May Be Teasing An Exciting Reveal

Fortnite OG has arrived, and it brings an epic new Victory Umbrella! The teasers and hints of what’s coming in the future continue this season as some players are discovering as they get their first Victory Royale. It turns out the Fortnite OG Victory Umbrella may be teasing an exciting reveal for the future of Fortnite.

What Does the Fortnite OG Victory Umbrella Reveal?

Image Source: Epic Games via Twinfinite

The shiny new Victory Umbrella, Time Brella,’ is similar to the one we received in the very first season 0: ‘The Umbrella.’ It is the same shiny blue-gray steel, but this season, it looks like it has a time machine attached. The millions of players enjoying Fortnite right now have been speculating on what this umbrella may show.

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