Top 5 Ways Spider-Man 2 Uses the DualSense Controller

Spider-Man 2 being made exclusively for the PS5 allowed Insomniac to use Sony’s proprietary controller to the fullest extent of it’s capabilities. From sound effects to vibrations to motion controls, here are the top 5 ways that Spider-Man 2 uses the DualSense controller.

Sound Effects

Image Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment via Twinfinite

One of the DualSense features that I appreciate the most in Spider-Man 2 is the way in which it uses sounds in your gameplay. These sounds range from being useful to your game to just being an extra little feature that pulls you into the world. For example, when you get phone calls, the speaker on the controller rings to feel like you’re receiving a real notification, or when you’re using a Venom Surge and the controller makes the growls for the suit. It’s even helpful for grabbing the Spider-Bots around the city because the noise plays through your controller and gets louder as you get nearer to them.

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