How to catch tuna fast in Dave the Diver

Learn how to catch Tuna fast with this Dave the Diver guide.

Dave the Diver is an interesting game in which “Dave,” the main character, opens a sushi restaurant with his partners. Part of Dave’s duties is to dive in the Blue Hole every day, exploring the ocean and searching for marine creatures during the day while running a sushi restaurant at night.

It is an amazing game that features a variety of interesting gameplay and mechanics. Not only is Dave tasked to supply the ingredients needed to make sushi, but he is also tasked to run and take care of a business—all while juggling a fish breeding farm, gambling his earnings, and more.

During the early stages of the game, Tuna is not normally available in the Blue Hole. The only time it begins to appear in the ocean is between October 17 and 20 in the in-game calendar. After the Tuna Yacht Party announcement, Dave will receive an email on his phone about the Tuna season.

Tuna is commonly a great fish to make sushi with, so it is a good opportunity to catch and breed this kind of fish. This Dave the Diver guide will help players cope with the difficult task of catching tuna and learning the methods to do it fast and efficiently.

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How to Catch Tuna Fast in Dave the Diver

Unlike most fishes present in the beginning, Tuna is not available for players to catch and breed.

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To catch Tuna, players must wait for the Tuna Yacht Party event that will signal the beginning of the Tuna season. Dave will receive an email, and shortly after, Cobra will tell Dave that this is a good opportunity to catch Tuna and earn because it is considered the best fish to use when making sushi.

1. Steel Net Sensor Trap

Cobra will lend Dave a Steel Net Sensor Trap. This will be available for purchase at the Cobra’s shop later and can also be found in the Blue Hole Shallows. A Steel Sensor Trap is the most effective way to catch tuna overall. You can also catch a few other species and breed them on the fish farm. With this fishing method, you can easily supply your sushi restaurant with Tuna.

First, you must observe when diving in the Blue Hole. There are specific areas where schools of Tuna frequently swim by. You need to place the trap and wait for its activation.

You must consider placing the trap in a safe place far away from other schools of fish. The trap might be triggered by other fishes that pass through it.

2. Hush Dart and Modified Hush Dart

Other than using the Steel Net Sensor Trap, an upgraded Hush Dart can also be used to catch tuna. The Hush Dart can put Tuna to sleep, allowing you to catch it easily. You just need to upgrade it to the Modified Hush Dart to land two continuous shots accurately.

As Tuna swims fast and in groups, there is also a possibility that Dave will take damage when swimming in the path of incoming Tuna, so players need to watch out.

3. Electrical Harpoon

Using harpoons to catch Tuna might be too difficult a method. Electrical Harpoons, however, will surely damage several schools of fish, shocking and stunning them—Tuna included.

Any given method can still catch Tuna, but the fastest and most effective method is the Steel Net Sensor Trap. All you need to watch out for when using the trap is if other fishes pass through it before the Tuna does. Remember that the trap will automatically activate upon contact with any kind of fish, regardless of whether it is a Tuna.

After catching a couple of Tuna, you can breed them on the Fish Farm, so you won’t have to worry about catching more Tuna to supply the Sushi restaurant. You don’t necessarily have to catch a lot of Tuna, as two of them will be enough for you to breed on the Fish Farm. But if you are planning to catch a lot of Tuna, you should use the trap as it can catch multiple Tuna at once if lucky.

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