Does Fish Star Level Matter in Dave the Diver? – Answered

Learn if the fish star level matters in Dave the Diver!

Dave the Diver is a massive, explorable deep-sea playground and a restaurant simulator. Exploring Blue Hole daily, searching for rare fish, and running the Bancho Sushi restaurant in the evenings.

However, the restaurant owner, Bancho, cannot make sushi without fish. So, the player’s role is to supply fish to the restaurant by catching and delivering the fish.

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Does Fish Star Level Matter in Dave the Diver?

Dave the Diver has a star ranking for each fish that is caught, and that will distinguish the kind and the amount of meat you’ve collected. Depending on how you catch the fish, the star level for each fish will vary.

The star level of the fish will depend on the corresponding circumstances:

1-Star rating: For small fishes that are killed before they are caught or when using knives, bombs, rocks, or guns on them.

2-star rating: For fishes that are caught before they are killed or when using a spear gun on them. Large fishes that are killed are considered 2-star fishes.

3-star rating: For fishes that are caught alive or without any damage. Using a tranquilizer and net to catch the fish will also give a 3-star rating.

It is important to know how the fish ranking works because some other players struggle to distinguish some fish and how to conserve their inventory capacity. Fishes that have a 1-star rank provide only one piece of meat. While two starfishes give three pieces of meat, and three starfishes give five pieces of meat.

Why do we need to catch 3-star fish?

The easiest way to catch a 3-star fish is to use a Tranquillizer to immobilize the fish or use a Net Gun. However, large fishes such as Sharks cannot be caught this way due to their enormous size.

Aside from the pieces of meat a single fish provides, 3-star fishes offer rare loots such as fish roe, eggs, fins, and teeth, so most players are eager to catch higher-ranking fish.

Catching a three-starfish is not as easy as it looks. You must have great equipment and higher-level deep-sea fishing skills to survive diving at the deeper depths.

Using beginner diving gear and equipment in deeper depths will make you lose oxygen much faster. And since some marine creatures won’t be defeated easily because of their massive health, upgrading your gears will help you deal more damage to boss fights and make you last longer underwater.

How to dive more efficiently

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Fishing Tips for Dave the Diver

Focus on upgrades. To make your dives more effective and worthwhile, upgrade your diving equipment as early as possible. Dave the Diver has four pieces of equipment to consider: carrying weight, harpoon, suit, and oxygen tank. Out of the four pieces of equipment you can upgrade, prioritize carrying weight and oxygen tank first. This will allow you to stay longer underwater and catch more fish without too much risk of drowning. Carrying weight must also be considered, as becoming overweight prevents you from swimming to the surface faster.

Explore the shallows. You don’t always have to explore deeper. The Blue Hole is just as wide as it is deep. Try exploring everything above before going deeper. Exploring the other side of the map will let you discover new kinds of fish you can use in many dishes in the sushi restaurant.

Take everything. Aside from fish, there are a lot of junk items in the shallows of the Blue Hole. If you have enough inventory space, take as much junk as possible, as these can be used to craft new weapons, sold to Cobra, or complete tasks in the Ecowatcher app. Selling junk to Cobra is a good way to bolster your money aside from your daily income at the sushi restaurant.

Keep a dish in mind. As there are a lot of ingredients and recipes in Dave the Diver, try to focus on one dish at a time so you can gather specific ingredients more effectively. This will allow you to focus on improving the quality of a single dish.

Focus on fish star rating. Caught fish with a higher star rating nets more meat and ingredients. This will allow you to be efficient with your time as well as enhance the flavor of your dishes.

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