Alan Wake 2 Streamside stash key: Where to find it

Trying to figure out where to find the Streamside stash key in Alan Wake 2 is a bit of a conundrum.,. The only clue you’re given is a crudely drawn picture of a lightbulb stuck to the top of the Cult Stash, so you’ll need to figure out how to find the key for the padlock to get to the goodies inside.

Much like the rock rock tree riddle, this one is pretty simple, and you’ll probably kick yourself once you realise what you need to do to find the key—everything’s easy when you know the answer, right? If you don’t, here’s the Streamside stash key location in Alan Wake 2, and how to track it down yourself. 

Alan Wake 2 Streamside stash key location 

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The location of the stash. (Image credit: Remedy)

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The arrows that lead to the key. (Image credit: Remedy)

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The key is found on a rock. (Image credit: Remedy)

As the lightbulb note suggests, you need your flashlight to find the location of the key. If you shine it around the immediate area, you should see yellow arrows painted onto nearby trees that only show up when your flashlight is pointed directly at them. The first arrow is on the tree right next to the stash, pointing right, then the next is off to your right on another tree. 

Keep following the arrows and using your flashlight to illuminate them one by one. They will lead you south a short way and you’ll soon find an arrow pointing downwards towards the The Streamside stash key resting on a rock. Return to the locked container where you started and use it to open the padlock. You’ll find a trauma pad, a hand flare, and some shotgun ammo inside.

I haven’t found anywhere else to use the key, so it appears to be a one-off item. Still, if you figured out the shotgun code, the ammo is certainly handy, and health items are always welcome in any survival horror game—just don’t forget to actually use them! 

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