5 Reasons Bungie Should Invest in a Forge Mode for Destiny 2

It’s time for Bungie to look at Halo Infinite’s recent growth and success born from its ever-evolving Forge mode. While we wait, here’s 5 reasons Bungie should invest in a Forge mode for Destiny 2.

Endless Creativity in the Hands of Players is Always Good

Image Source via 343 Studios

As players easily and quickly consume each season’s content, a mode in which players could make their own would be ideal. Most players tend to grind Destiny 2’s PvE content, so it just makes sense for there to be a way to expand upon that. Additionally, this would be a two-fold benefit for players. They not only get to enjoy a nearly infinite amount of new content, but the time spent making such creative set pieces can be enjoyable in itself!

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