If Cities: Skylines 2 didn’t float your boat, Anno 1800 is free for a week

Anno 1800 gained an impressive score of 84 from us back when it was reviewed in April 2019.  Reviewer Rick Lane said this “rich and sumptuous city-builder” was “comfortably the most engrossing city-builder I’ve played since Cities Skylines”, but If you’ve not had the chance to try it then the Anno 1800 Free Week event is an opportunity to find out for yourself. The free week runs from November 2, 4PM UTC, to November 6, 8AM UTC, on PC through Ubisoft Connect, Epic, and Steam.

With over 10,000 reviews on Steam and 81% of them being positive, this City Builder’s reputation speaks for itself. If the recently released City Skylines 2 isn’t quite scratching your strategic planning itch, then a free week with Anno might be exactly  what you’re looking for. You’ll start out “in charge of a Western-European island with nothing but a trading post to your name” as Lane put it, going on to say “from here, your objective is to grow a bustling metropolis that will stretch its tendrils to the horizon and beyond.”

You’ll get access to the full main content and any progress you make will be carried through if you decide to purchase the game once the event is over. The Definitive Annoversary Edition (slow clap) will also be available for PC players as well as further discounts, previously released Year Passes, and Cosmetic DLCs.

“The Definitive Annoversary Edition includes the base game, the Season Pass 1 through 4, the Deluxe Pack, the Bonus Content, and all 12 previously released Cosmetic Packs and 4 upcoming ones. It is available on PC only for 129.99 euros/dollars,” says publisher Ubisoft.

“Discount offers for the game Anno 1800 and its various editions, the Year Passes, and Cosmetic DLCs vary based on platforms.”

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