Is Cities Skylines 2 Available on Mac?

With the recent release of the long-awaited Cities: Skylines 2 on the PC platform, fans everywhere have flocked to try out the far bigger sequel and all that it has to offer. As for Mac players, given that the first game back in 2015 was launched simultaneously on Mac OS X and Windows/Linux, it stands to reason that the second installment would follow the same pattern. So it begs the question: Is Cities: Skylines 2 Available on Mac?

Where to Play Cities: Skylines 2

Very surprisingly, Cities: Skylines 2 is not available on any Mac systems at the moment. Currently, the game has only been released for Microsoft Windows and is available on Steam. You can also get it via PC Game Pass, though you’ll still need to purchase the Ultimate Edition of the game to have access to any of the DLC content and expansions.

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