How To Unlock the Secret Level in Slender: The Arrival

Blue Isle Studios’ Slender: The Arrival is a first-person horror game set in the larger Slenderman universe. Through interacting with items and putting together the dark mystery, the player must visit numerous terrifying areas.

For the game’s 10th anniversary, they released a remastered version of Slender: The Arrival for the new generation of consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S. This adds more to the already myriad of platforms that fans can play the game in.

In honor of this new remaster, let us revisit how to unlock the secret level in Slender: The Arrival. This guide will illuminate the path to unveiling the secrets behind accessing the hidden chapter. So, prepare your nerves and sharpen your wits as we delve into the dark and twisted secrets of Slender: The Arrival. We will unveil the doorway to an experience that’s both thrilling and terrifying.

How to Unlock

Slender: The Arrival has nine chapters in the game’s main story. The game also has an extra secret chapter entitled ‘Haunted.’ The player must perform specific actions to trigger it. Ultimately, the player has to find a missing child poster, with the child’s name being Charles Matheson Jr., to unlock the secret level. 

To unlock the ‘Haunted’ secret chapter, the player must do the following:

First, in the main menu of the game, head to ‘Chapter Select’ and select ‘The Prologue’ level.

Then, head toward the path at the start of the chapter until the player gets to the front of the house.

Next, from here, go to the left to find a swing set. Here, a text will appear at the bottom of the screen that says, “I remember playing on this swing set with Kate when we were kids.”

Following that, go back and enter the house. Inside, head to the left to enter a room with a grand piano. Be careful not to grab anything, even the flashlight, when it appears in the rooms the player is exploring. Then, keep playing the piano until a message appears at the bottom of the screen that says, “This sounds familiar.” 

After that, head through the kitchen and to the back rooms. There, the player must turn on the radio.

Then, the player must now find the flashlight. If the player had previously discovered it while exploring the house, simply pick it up. If not, the player can look in the following parts of the house: on the table in the first room to the left upon entering the house; on the cabinet in the room with the grand piano; on the counter or the table in the kitchen; on the table in the dining room; or right next to the radio.

Next, head back outdoors till the player aligns with the pole with a missing Charlie poster posted on it. The player must then sprint straight at it. If the player succeeds, the screen will glitch, and the player will die.

After that, the player will be brought back to the game’s title screen. Here, just select ‘Start Game’ again.

Following that, the player will find a very glitchy version of ‘The Prologue’ chapter. The player is now in the secret level of Slender: The Arrival!

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What Happens in the Secret Level

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Once unlocked, this secret level consists of the player doing a sort of hide-and-seek with Slender Man. The player will strive to get to a different room but is instead transferred to another.

 At the start, text will display on the screen that says, “I’m lost. Can you find me?” The player will then begin the level outside of Kate’s house but with glitchy textures. When Lauren enters a locked room, Slender Man will eventually get her. The screen will go black, and then another line of text will appear that says, “I like you; I want to play a game.” The same level will load again but with another aim.

Afterward, the game will bring the player back to the main menu. If the player tries to select the ‘Stage Selection’ option, every level is swapped with the missing child poster that the player gathered. 

If the player selects ‘Start game’ again, the text “I will find you instead” will appear on the screen when the level loads. The player must now hide from Slender Man. The player ends up in front of a house with distortions throughout the area with considerably bad graphics. The game will once again transfer the player to various locations on the map. Eventually, the screen goes dark, and a text will appear that says, “I found you.”

Following that, the player will appear at the back of the house. Here, the player is stuck with no way to move and is set on fire. Slender Man continues to get ever closer to the player from different spots. Once Slender Man gets to the player, a picture of the missing poster of Charlie mixed with Slender Man’s face will appear, and the screen will then cut to black. The game concludes the secret level with a text that says, “You are dead.” 

Pressing the ‘Esc’ button throughout the level causes the screen to distort as if Slender Man were close, even when in the menu. During the Secret Chapter, the player cannot exit the game by returning to the main menu and clicking ‘Exit.’ On the contrary, a message that says “Don’t leave me” will pop up.

Back on the main menu, the only choices are “Start Game” and “Exit.” Selecting “Start Game” takes the player to a scene in which the player will just look up at the sky. During this screen, the audio will progressively become distorted. The screen will cut to black again, and the missing child poster with Slender Man will appear again.


Finding the secret level in Slender: The Arrival is more of an easter egg than an actual, important piece of the game. With the recently released remaster, the player can experience this eerie secret level on more platforms. So, ready up, face your fears, and start your journey to unlocking this secret level in Slender: The Arrival!

Slender: The Arrival is available for PC, Mac, Wii U, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and now for PlayStation 5 and in Xbox Series X and S.

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