How to find and solve Cult Stashes in Alan Wake 2

If you’re looking for Cult Stashes in Alan Wake 2, you’ve come to the right place. These containers are filled with ammo, health items, and batteries, so it’s worth your time working out how to get into them so you can stockpile as many items as you can. 

Most of these containers are secured with a combination padlock and you’ll need to figure out the correct numbers by the clue left on the note on the lid. Once you work it out and get inside to the goodies, you’ll usually get a sinister-sounding note too, just in case you were starting to relax. Still, if you’re curious and want to know where to find a Cult Stash, as well as how to solve them, here are the ones I’ve found so far.

Alan Wake 2 Cult Stash locations 

The puzzle on each stash is different, so while one may have you running around looking at painted rocks, another may have you working out maths problems. If your brain is already melted from the jump scares, the solutions are listed below too.

Cauldron Lake

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On the beach after first arriving there during the story. Interact with the lock and the correct keys will light up on the keypad in order. Copy the sequence to access the stash.Near the picnic table when you head west from the Witch’s Hut, which isn’t accessible until you’re able to explore the previously flooded area. This one has a photo of a light bulb on the lid. Use your torch to see yellow arrows painted onto nearby trees. Follow the arrows to find the key.Close to the river next to the Private Cabin. The note says “Rock, rock, tree”. Use your torch to see three sums nearby. The first is on the rock next to you, another on the tree to your left, and the last is on a rock on the opposite side of the river (you’ll need to go to the other side to find it). The answer is 658.Right next to the murder site, just to the south. The combination on this padlock has symbols instead of numbers. Head into the trailer home behind the stash. Look for the symbol above the sink in the bathroom, then the one on the side of the fridge freezer, then lastly, the symbol in the bedroom.

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