What is the Maximum Cyberware Capacity in Cyberpunk 2077? – Answered

In the futuristic and dystopian world of Cyberpunk 2077, cyberware is the player’s lifeblood of progress and power. As a mercenary navigating the neon-soaked streets of Night City, augmenting the player’s body with cutting-edge technology is essential for survival and success.

One crucial aspect of the player’s cyberware arsenal is understanding the Cyberware Capacity – the limit to which you can enhance your body with cybernetic upgrades. In this guide, we will answer the question: what is the maximum Cyberware Capacity in the game?

We will delve into the intricacies of Cyberpunk 2077’s Cyberware Capacity, exploring how it impacts the player’s character, the methods to increase it, and its implications on the journey through Night City. So, let’s embark on this journey to unlock the full potential of your augmented self and conquer the dark and dynamic world of Cyberpunk 2077!

Cyberware Capacity

The Cyberware Capacity is one of the multiple changes the CD Projekt made in the latest Patch 2.0 release. In the game, the player can now only equip a certain number of Cyberware implants depending on the player’s Cyberware Capacity limit. This stat is tied to the player’s current level. The higher the player’s level is, the higher the player’s Cyberware Capacity is. 

Players online have reported different maximum Cyberware Capacity limits. Some reported maxing it at around 300, while others reached around 600. Because of that, there is no definite answer as to the actual ceiling for the Cyberware Capacity. Upon reaching Level 60, the maximum level the player can reach in the game, thanks to the Phantom Liberty DLC expansion, will get 201 Cyberware Capacity, all from leveling up.

Each Cyberware implant has its number that dictates how much of the Cyberware Capacity will consume. Out of all the Cyberware implants in the game, the ones with the Iconic rarity are the ones that consume the most Cyberware Capacity. 

Right from the beginning of the game, the player will not be able to go over their Cyberware Capacity limit. However, we will discuss using a Perk later. Players can equip more Cyberware and exceed their Cyberware Capacity limit. But doing so will result in consequences.

Fortunately, equipping more Cyberware and exceeding the Cyberware Capacity limit will not cause the player to enter Cyberpsychosis. The player will still have complete control over their character, much beyond the limit.

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How to Increase the Cyberware Capacity Limit

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The following are the various ways to boost the player’s Cyberware Capacity limit:

Level Up

As mentioned above, the main way to boost the player’s Cyberware Capacity limit is through leveling the player up. Each time the player levels up, the player will get an additional 3 Cyberware Capacity. Even though this might not look like much, it does add up.

Cyberware Capacity Shards

Enemies will occasionally drop Capacity Shards in the game. After acquiring them, these items instantly and permanently boost the player’s maximum Cyberware Capacity limit

The bad news is that, unfortunately, there are no guaranteed spots or shops where the player can find Capacity Shards. This item is a completely random drop. However, fortunately, they are not a very rare drop.

The player can also find Capacity Shards when opening crates and receiving airdrops. As a result, if the player wishes to enhance their Cyberware Capacity, they should also check them.

Engineer Skill

In Patch 2.0, the game has launched a new Engineer skill line. This skill allows players to improve using grenades, Tech weaponry, and Cyberware. The Patch 2.0 improvements will provide the player with more methods of getting involved in combat. This will enable the player to utilize the Technical Ability Attribute fully.

The player will receive different rewards for leveling up the Engineer skill. However, as we discuss ways to increase the player’s Cyberware Capacity limit, we will only discuss the rewards that give this effect. Once the Engineer skill level reaches Level 10, it will boost the player’s Cyberware Capacity limit by adding 5 points. Then, once this skill reaches Level 30, it will improve the player’s Cyberware Capacity limit by adding 10 points.

Through this method, the player will get a bonus of 15 points to the player’s maximum Cyberware Capacity limit once the player gets the Engineer skill line to Level 30.

One of the methods to level up the Engineer skill is using Frag Grenades, EMP Grenades, and Flash Bombs. Doing so will give the player experience points for the Engineer line. Another way is to use Tech weapons.

Once the player starts using them to take down enemies, these are among the best ways to earn experience points for the Engineer skill. Another way to get experience points in the Engineer skill line is to craft and upgrade weapons and armor.

Plenty of crafting materials exist for the player to find in the open world. So, upgrade weapons and armor when the player has sufficient resources. Finally, the last way to level up the Engineer skill is through finding Engineer skill shards. Similar to the Capacity Shards, these will automatically add one level to the player’s Engineer skill line.


In the game, the following are perks that the player can get that will affect the player’s Cyberware Capacity limit:

All Things Cyber 

The first one is the All Things Cyber perk. This is a main perk in the Technical Ability perk tree. On its first level, this perk will boost all the stats of the player’s Cyberware implants by 10%. On its second level, however, the ‘All Things Cyber’ perk will decrease the Cyberware Capacity cost for the Integumentary System and Skeleton Cyberware implants by 20%.

The player can unlock the All Things Cyber perk at a Technical Ability stat 9.

Renaissance Punk

Another perk that affects Cyberware Capacity is the Renaissance perk. This is a secondary perk in the All Things Cyber main perk. This perk gives the player a bonus of 4 points of Cyberware Capacity for every Attribute that the player has that is level 9 or higher. If the player has maxed out stats, the player can get an additional 20 points to the player’s maximum Cyberware Capacity limit.

The player must first unlock the All Things Cyber main perk to unlock the Renaissance Punk perk. Then, the player must have a Technical Ability stat of 9.


The Edgerunner perk also affects Cyberware Capacity. This perk is one of the main perks in the Technical Ability tree. When acquired, this perk enables the player to go over their Cyberware Capacity for as much as 50 points.

It is important to note that, with this perk, the player’s Cyberware Capacity is not increased. The Edgerunners perk only allows the player to exceed the Cyberware Capacity. However, doing so costs -0.5% of the player’s maximum health per point of exceeding Cyberware Capacity.

Exceeding the Cyberware Capacity with the help of the Edgerunner perk gives the player a chance to enter the Fury state. The player gets a 0.1% chance of triggering the Fury state for each point that the player is over the Cyberware capacity. During the Fury state, the player will have an additional 10% damage, 30% critical hit chance, and 50% critical damage. This state has a duration of 12 seconds.

To get the Edgerunner perk, the player must first unlock the License To Chrome main perk. After that, the player must get a Technical Ability stat of 20.


Only one Cyberware implant in Cyberpunk 2077 affects the player’s Cyberware Capacity limit. This is the Chrome Compressor implant. This is an Operating System Cyberware implant that has no other effect than boosting the player’s Cyberware Capacity. The Chrome Compressor implant is a Tier 2 Iconic Cyberware.

This implant itself has 0 Cyberware Capacity. However, at its lowest rarity tier, the Chrome Compressor implant gives the player an extra 23 points of Cyberware Capacity. With its Tier 5+ rarity, this implant gives the player an additional 38 points of Cyberware Capacity.

As the Chrome Compressor does not consume any Cyberware Capacity, the player has extra capacity for not using any Iconic Operating System implant. Because of that, the player effectively has an additional 25-44 Cyberware Capacity in addition to the 38 points.

The player can find the Chrome Compressor Cyberware implant in the new Phantom Liberty DLC expansion. With this expansion, the player can buy the Chrome Compressor implant from Eron’s Clinic Ripperdoc in the new Dogtown area. The Cyberware implant the player can purchase from this Ripperdoc is a Tier 5 rarity.

Alternatively, the player can loot this Operating System Cyberware implant from airdrops. One reported airdrop where players found the Chrome Compressor implant is in the ‘Birds with Broken Wings’ main job. The player can loot the implant from an airdrop case on the way back to talk to Alex inside her bar. It is reported that the Chrome Compressor implant found using this method is a Tier 5 rarity.


In the world of Cyberpunk 2077, understanding the limits of the player’s Cyberware Capacity is the key to unlocking the player’s full potential. This guide has provided a comprehensive overview of the maximum cyberware capacity and the various factors that influence it.

By delving into the intricacies of the player’s character build, attribute points, and available slots, the player can optimize their Cyberware setup to become a formidable force in Night City. With the right cyberware choices and careful planning, the player can forge a path to greatness, ensuring that the limits of the player’s Cyberware capacity are merely a stepping stone to overcoming challenges in Cyberpunk 2077.

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