Diablo 4 Rogue uses a pair of pants to one-shot its hardest bosses: ‘Uber Lilith was absolutely child’s play’

Diablo 4’s world bosses are meant to be fought by several players, but a single pair of pants gives Rogues the power to instantly take them down alone.

Rogues work differently than other classes in DIablo 4. Classes like Sorcerers spend mana to cast spells, but Rogues use Energy and, optionally, Combo Points—which generate on basic attacks.

Normally, Rogues can’t benefit from item stats that increase a your primary resource the same way that others can because of their Combo Point specialization. Rogues can generate up to three Combo Points at a time and use skills that spend them to increase their damage. They can only have a total of three combo points, as illustrated by the three triangles in the UI.

But Tibault’s Will, one of season 2’s new unique items breaks that rule, and the way it works is far too powerful for it to be intended. Instead of giving Rogues more Energy to use certain skills, the pants give them more total combo points, up to 23. The problem wouldn’t be so bad if there were no way to quickly build up a ton of combo points at once, but Condemnation, a unique dagger, has a bonus that will do just that.

This is how Wudijo, Diablo 4’s expert Rogue player, was able to obliterate Uber Lilith and a world boss without any help. Every time Condemnation’s bonus hits, Wudijo’s Rogue instantly gains 18 Combo Points. Then he uses a skill like Rapid Fire that scales its damage (and number of arrows) for every Combo Point spent, causing him to deal millions of damage in around a second.

Wudijo went and built his Rogue around the power of the pants and was able to crush Diablo 4’s hardest bosses with no issues, including a world boss, Uber Lilith, and Uber Duriel—each with millions of health.

“I think, obviously, this has to be fixed,” he said. Wudijo moved on to explain how he optimized the build around the one-shot potential, and then showed how he could kill Uber Lilith at nearly the same speed without utilizing the bug. “You won’t be able to kill a world boss in one go without the pants … but the build is still there.”

Recently, Diablo 4 game director Joe Shely said on X that Blizzard has “no plans to nerf” anything in season 2. These busted pants, however, will probably be an exception.

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