Destiny 2: Well of Radiance Warlock Outmatches Every Other Class

When it comes to defensive Supers there are a few that come to mind: The Titan’s Void bubble, and the Solar Warlock’s Well of Radiance. However, not everything is equal and balanced, so let’s discuss how in Destiny 2: Well of Radiance Warlock outmatches every other class.

Destiny 2’s various Supers are as iconic as they are useful in combat. Ranging from giant exploding projectiles to quick, invisible strikes, Supers cover a wide swath of gameplay styles in Destiny 2. However, the range of Super options given by Bungie are not equal in usefulness, especially in the context of Destiny 2 gameplay being heavily skewed toward teamwork. No other Super options in the game hammer this notion in more than Void Bubble Titan, Void Shield Titan, and Solar Well Warlock.

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