Alan Wake 2 Review – Its Dark Is Worse Than Its Night

Alan Wake 2 on PS5

2023 has been an amazing year for sequels, especially sequels that have taken a decade or more (looking at you, Dead Island 2). Alan Wake 2 continues this trend and gives a unique experience wrapped up in familiar mechanics. The game doesn’t seek to reinvent the wheel but wants you to ride around and enjoy a hefty splash of that Remedy Entertainment charm.

The opening of the game feels like something out of Death Stranding. You play as a naked guy who washes up on a beach. I don’t mean a little bit naked; his ass is basically always in frame. For fun, I turned the ‘Show Nudity’ setting off and restarted the game to see what changed. It put the guy in some horrific, ratty underwear. So, honestly, I don’t know what’s worse. This is a short but memorable section, the least of all, because you must look at his naked body for important story stuff several more times after it ends.

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