Baldur’s Gate 3 player stacks so much movement, their character can walk 800 feet in under 10 seconds

Stack enough movement buffs in Baldur’s Gate 3 and you could cross an entire zone in less than a minute.

YouTube user Chris Reven created one of the world’s fastest monks by combining as many movement speed buffs as they could to travel at nearly 100 miles per hour. Of course, what we see looks like a character walking normally, but that’s because it’s happening in Baldur’s Gate 3’s turn-based mode, where each round of action represents six seconds of real time. 

Here’s how Reven created The Flash of The Forgotten Realms. For starters, Reven’s character is a Wood Half Elf, which comes with a five foott movement bonus. They’re also a Monk, so they get another 15 feet of movement at level six whenever they’re not wearing armor or using a shield. And the Mobile feat adds another 10 feet on top.

The Crusher’s Ring and the Longstrider buff brings their total movement to 80 feet at the start of a turn. This is where it starts to get ridiculous. Using additional buffs within a turn, Reven’s Monk is able to go 11 times faster than they started. Here’s each step:

Gale casts Haste on them, which gives them another action and increases their speed by 30 feet (110 feet)Step of the Wind: Dash doubles their movement (220 feet)Two more Dashes doubles their movement twice (440 feet)Click Heels from Boots of Speed doubles all of that (880 feet) 

I half-expected to hear tires screeching when they finally took off at about 100 miles per hour. If it was all done in real-time, you’d barely see them pass by.

There’s no real practical reason to go this fast, but it’s a fun experiment to see how far you can push Baldur’s Gate 3. Reven mentioned that it could be even faster if they had gear with momentum on it, but said they’re too lazy to do all this in combat. It’s an impressive achievement, but now I can’t help but wonder how far you could get in the game as a nearly naked Monk who can out-run everything in the game, the truest speed run.

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