Want to hack your desk setup? Start with your gaming chair.

Whether it is because we work from home or spend long hours in intense gaming sessions (or a little of both) we can spend a lot of time sitting at desks. It’s only natural then to want your desk set up to be attractive and inviting without sacrificing form and function. 

We put so much time into contemplating our setups, from the PC components and RGB lighting to our desks and decorative accessories. The one place you should be focusing on when planning your setup, however, is your chair. A good chair can make or break your gaming session, no matter how many frames per second your rig is pushing. A premium gaming chair from AndaSeat is an investment in your comfort and your style alike.

Make your set-up comfortable 

Sitting for extended periods while gaming can have an impact on your body. It’s important to select a good desk chair that both fits your frame and provides the necessary support to limit neck and back pain while also improving your posture. AndaSeat produces gaming chairs that are ergonomic and comfortable, while also being packed with features such as magnetic headrests and adjustable lumbar support.

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The Phantom 3 Series premium and gaming chair from AndaSeat is an affordable way to improve your desk setup. AndaSeat’s Phantom 3 series of chairs feature integrated steel frame construction for better pressure-bearing capacity. A widened seat cushion constructed from molded high-density foam is suited to accommodate different body types. The ergonomic design promotes productivity and increases blood flow, while also taking pressure off of your back and hips. The Phantom 3 series chair can adjust to a backrest angle of 160 degrees, so you can lay back and catch a power nap between meetings or matches. 

AndaSeat’s build quality expands into their Kaiser 3 Series of premium gaming chairs, which feature an ergonomic seat base that is filled with dense molded foam to be strong but cushioned for comfort. The Kaiser 3 Series can recline up to 165 degrees in rest mode for ultimate comfort. As an advantage over the Phantom 3 series, the Kaiser series chairs offer 4-way adaptive lumbar support, allowing you to adjust it up and down, as well as in and out, with control knobs located on the side of the chair. A head pillow made with memory foam and a cooling pad can be magnetically attached to the chair’s headrest. 

 Find your fit. 

Your gaming chair needs to fit your body just as much as your style. With a maximum height of 5’9 and a weight limit of 200 pounds, the Phantom Series 3 is best suited to those with smaller frames. The AndaSeat Kaiser 3 Premium series is available in a size Large, suitable for heights ranging from 4’11 to 6’2 with a recommended max weight of 260 pounds. The Kaiser 3 Premium XL, meanwhile, is suitable for heights up to 6’11 with a max weight limit of 395 pounds. The Kaiser Frontier XL is recommended for a maximum height of 6’7 and a maximum weight of 330 pounds. 

 Aesthetics matter 

The Phantom 3 series of chairs makes it easy to customize your set-up with your choice of 8 premium PVC leather finishes, including 3 which are part of a special Transformers Edition. Add some extra flare to your space by choosing a creamy pink, or embrace your childhood hero with a seat emblazoned with Optimum Prime. Leather’s not for every setup, however, and AndaSeat has options with linen fabric in Ash Gray or Carbon Black, as well.

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Comfort doesn’t have to be devoid of style. AndaSeat’s Kaiser 3 Series offers 9 different color options in 2 different materials in both its Large and XL sizes: Robin egg blue, cloudy white, creamy pink, bentley brown, blaze orange, elegant black, classic maroon, carbon black, and ash gray. The Kaiser Frontier XL is also available in black or maroon with premium PVC leather upholstery.

 Hack Black Friday, not your budget 

Desk chairs, especially good ones, are an investment. AndaSeat’s Hack Black Friday event begins on October 12 and lasts through November 30—giving you the chance to get the ultimate gaming setup you’ve been pining over for yourself without breaking the bank to do it.

The Phantom 3 Series gaming chair will be available for $150 off at just $249.99 during this event. The Transformer Edition premium gaming chair will be $200, making it just $199.99 for a limited time. The Kaiser 3 Series Premium Gaming Chair, in both large and extra large sizes, typically retails for $499.99. During the Hack Black Friday event, it will be $100 off, so you can add it to your setup for just $399.99. All AndaSeat orders are eligible for free shipping.

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You can save even more by joining the AndaSeat discord community, which frequently features “Cheat Codes” to let you save even more on your purchase on top of the already great low price offered by sales and other events.

AndaSeat chairs can be purchased using interest-free payment methods such as Shop Pay, Affirm Financing, and Afterpay. Choose when and how to pay in a way that is convenient for you without adding on extra fees or expenses. You can also rest assured that you’re getting your money’s worth out of an AndaSeat chair as they include a warranty of up to 5 years.

While good chairs aren’t cheap, they don’t have to be cost-prohibitive. AndaSeat offers chairs that can fit your body, your style, and your budget. Plus, the money you save can go to other exciting elements for your setup—like more RGB. 

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