How To Fix the Voucher Code Not Working for Spider-Man 2

Here’s how to fix a non-working Voucher Code for Spider-Man 2.

As a commemoration for the Spider-Man 2 launch, Sony released a special Spider-Man 2-themed PlayStation 5 bundle on September 1st. The bundle included a special PS5 faceplate and Venom-themed controller design.

Also in the bundle is a redeemable Voucher Code for Spider-Man 2, which many Spider-Man 2 fans have reportedly been unable to redeem.

Here’s how you can redeem the Voucher Code for Spider-Man 2.

How to Fix the Voucher Code Not Working for Spider-Man 2

There is no fix for the Voucher Code Not Working issue for Spider-Man 2. You cannot redeem your Spider-Man 2 Voucher Code because the codes are not activated or redeemable before Spider-Man 2 officially launches on October 20, 2023.

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If you recently bought a Spider-Man 2 PS5 bundle, you will find a small voucher containing the special Voucher Code for Spider-Man 2 inside the box. Keep the voucher and wait until 10/20/23 or when Spider-Man 2 officially launches to redeem your Voucher Code so you don’t run into errors when redeeming the code.

One Reddit user, u/Ok-Dingo-1376, called Customer Service to ask about his invalid Voucher Code for Spider-Man 2. The Customer Service Representative simply asked Ok-Dingo-1376 to wait until 10/20/23 to redeem the code for Spider-Man 2.

What is the Spider-Man 2 PS5 Voucher Code for?

The Spider-Man 2 PS5 Voucher Code is a special code to download a digital copy of Spider-Man 2 on PS5. The Voucher Code is only available to players who bought the Spider-Man 2-themed PS5 bundle released on September 1, 2023.

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It is worth noting that the Spider-Man 2 PS5 Voucher Code allows you to redeem a Standard Edition Voucher of Spider-Man 2 on your PS5 console. You will not get the Digital Deluxe Edition Suits for Peter Parker and Miles Morales through this voucher, as those are Deluxe Edition exclusives.

To better understand all the extras you can get for pre-ordering Spider-Man 2, check out our guide on All Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Pre-order Suits & Bonuses.

Is Spider-Man 2 out on PS5?

Yes, Spider-Man 2 is officially out on PS5 as of 10/23/23. The game was slated for an October 2023 launch date, but many Spider-Man fans have already been able to pre-order or buy special Spider-Man 2 PS5 bundles since September 1, 2023.

Just a few days after its official launch, Spider-Man 2 has already received very positive reviews from reputable game review channels such as Destructoid, IGN, GameSpot, and others, scoring a stellar 91/100 aggregate score from Metacritic and an impressive 99% aggregate score on OpenCritic.

Final Thoughts

The Spider-Man 2 voucher is a special code players can use to download the digital version of Spider-Man 2 on their PS5 consoles when the game launches on October 20, 2023. However, the Spider-Man 2 voucher code instructions say you’ll have to until Spider-Man 2’s official launch date before redeeming the code. Otherwise, an error will only meet you when you attempt to redeem the code.

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