Everything We Know So Far About the Viper Job in FFXIV

One of the biggest highlights of Final Fantasy XIV’s Fanfest event in London so far is, without a doubt, the official announcement of the first new job in the upcoming Dawntrail expansion. Of course, impassioned director Naoki Yoshida showed up in full garb for the occasion, just as he did for the Reaper class before Endwalker. Newly added jobs are often one of the key selling points of a new expansion in FFXIV, and from the firsthand look at its official gameplay, Viper may very well prove to be an exciting and fun addition to the ever-growing job roster. While we’ll undoubtedly find out even more at the Japan Fanfest event early next year, here is everything we know so far about the Viper job in FFXIV.

What to Expect With the Viper Job in FFXIV

Image Source: Square Enix

Viper is set to be the latest dual-wielding melee DPS job added to FFXIV and the first of at least two new jobs to expect in the upcoming Dawntrail expansion. First shown in the latest extended teaser for Dawntrail and then in its own gameplay segment, Viper brandishes two swords and is promising some unique physical damage abilities for players to try out. Director Yoshida also noted that this job is a “Final Fantasy 14 original”, meaning that it’s not derived from jobs used in other, earlier installments in the Final Fantasy franchise (e.g., Dragoon, Monk, Paladin, White Mage, etc.) Some players, however, are still calling it a possible homage to Zidane from Final Fantasy 9.

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