The treasured N64 console is getting a new colorful Funtastic series of shells, brought to you by Trogg Tech. The shell mold will be an original and exclusive design to Trogg Tech, not be a shared mold from a different manufacturer.

The initial goal of the Kickstarter campaign is to produce the following colors:

  • 4 single-color shells
  • 2 two-tone shells
  • 2 limited edition shells

Trogg Tech will be running a poll along side the Kickstarter campaign with 7 single-color options and 5 two-tone options. Based on the results, they will choose what colors will be produced for the first run, meaning that there could be additional runs with even more crazy, Funtastic colors!

The quality of the shells produced will be as close to the original design with a few much needed adjustments.

  • No top logo will be present
  • Internal Cartridge Support will be region free and will match external shell color most cases.
  • Rear Digital Output Shroud and Main
  • Lower Shell are slightly modified to allow easy-to-cut HD mod support (fig 1)

For the colors and more specifically the Limited Edition colors, the campaign will offer two Limited Edition colors that will limited to 250 shells per edition. Once all 250 are gone, they will never be made again! If you really dig the orange spice and 1985 editions, get in on this campaign now!

orange spice and 1985
two tone colors
Single tone

As for the single-color and two-tone color options, they will be finalized after polls close. During this time, you are able to suggest additional colors, and they might be added to the poll as well. But in order to vote or add options, you must be a backer for the campaign! There is still time to jump in on this especially if you’re a N64 fan or a retro gaming enthusiast.

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