Sonic Frontiers is the next mainline entry in the Blue Blur’s beloved franchise. Thus far, fans have been somewhat divided over the game’s “open zone” hook, which sees Sonic exploring massive, open environments. Sonic Frontiers has been making the rounds at this year’s Gamescom, however, and fans have been able to get a better glimpse at what to expect when the title launches on November 8 (yes, the release date has finally been announced).

First, check out the latest trailer to see some fresh footage:

We’ve learned that Sonic will, in part, be exploring a new place called the Internet Cyber Space where he will play through stages pulled from his memories. This seems to offer SEGA a chance to once again return to older settings from the series’ past and reimagine them in stages that are meant to be short and sweet. Overall, fans appear to be getting won over by this latest build of the game on the convention floor. Will Sonic Frontiers live up to the hype when it launches this fall? Only a few months to go until we find out!

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