V Rising Xbox Release Date: Is it coming to console?

Is V Rising on Xbox? Will the new vampire survival game land on Xbox consoles? Here’s everything you need to know about the title and its roadmap.

Coming from the developers of Battlerite, V Rising invites players to build their domain as vampires who awakened from their long slumber. In this brutal land of fantasy, players have to adapt to the environment and build their settlements to conquer the land of mortals. With more than a million copies sold on Steam, Stunlock’s new game became a smash-hit as soon as it landed on the platform. That’s why console owners are curious about V Rising and its release date on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

The critically-acclaimed survival title arrived on Steam back on May 18th. It has surpassed more than 150,000 concurrent players on Steam in two weeks even though it is a game in early access. Will the successful game land on consoles as well?

Will V Rising come to Xbox?

V Rising will not be coming to Xbox or PlayStation anytime soon. There are not any official comments or announcements regarding the game’s console version. As the studio just released the game in early access, console players will have to wait for a long time for this period to be over.

We also do not know when the game will reach its version that is ready for full release. Though there are examples of games that stay in the early-access period for more than a year. Considering the current state of V Rising, the early access period could take a lot less, though. The title does offer a complete experience in terms of gameplay mechanics. But players share that the title has performance issues even on high-end systems.

Stunlock Studios will continue polishing the game and fixing the bugs with feedback coming from the community. With this in mind, we can say that the future of the vampire survival title seems bright. On the other hand, they might decide on keeping the game as a PC exclusive as well.

When is the release date of V Rising for Xbox Consoles?

Battlerite, another game of Stunlock Studios was announced for Xbox One. Don’t keep your hopes up though, as the console version of their previous game was announced 5 years ago. And it seems like the studio has moved on from that idea since then. Knowing that they do not have a release on consoles, V Rising Xbox does seem like a distant possibility.

About the V Rising game

Most players consider V Rising as “Valheim with vampires” as the title is inspired by the Viking survival game. Players take the role of awakened vampires and raise castles from scratch. But the unforgiving land of Vardoran is full of dangers threatening the vampire kin. From scorching sun to vampire hunters, bandits to massive beasts, Vardoran does everything to end the existence of the blood-sucking vampires.

V Rising comes with survival and base-management elements. The successful game also offers players a chance to adapt to different playstyles through vampiric abilities. Players get to consume the powers and skills of the world bosses.

The multiplayer title of Stunlock brings players together on various servers to engage them in clan wars as well. With a ton of great features and solid survival mechanics, we can say that V Rising will continue to expand its player base in the future.

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