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Premium Edition Games just announced their next lineup of titles with their Series 4 Direct. If you’re not familiar with them, they are a fairly new publishing company that makes physical games for the Nintendo Switch. They’ve released three series of games so far with great success. And Series 4 looks to be another great line up of titles for physical collectors to sink their teeth into.

Their first title announced was Wunderling DX from Bitwave Games, which is a cute and colorful platformer with puzzles, collectables, and secrets to be found.

The next game on the list was Rain on your Parade from Unbound Creations. It’s a hilariously charming game where you play as a cloud trying to ruin everyone’s day.

Both games come in Standard Premium and Retro Editions. With all their standard releases, you get a high quality slipcase, two-sided inlay art, a challenge card (that you can complete to earn a free patch), a full color manual, and a super rad dog tag! The Retro Editions include all the items in the Standard Premium along with extra goodies. Items include a CD soundtrack, enamel pin, vinyl sticker sheets, and a retro style box. Rain on your Parade, however, will include a beautiful custom wooden coaster instead of a soundtrack. Both editions of the games will be available starting May 10, 2022. The Standard Editions will be four-week open pre-order and the Retro Editions will be limited to 500 copies each.

The next announcement was a new line of games called The Premium Classic Series. Volume One includes 10 aftermarket NES games all on one amazing switch cartridge. The games included are:

  • Orebody Binder’s Tale – by Orebody Inc.
  • Nessy the Robot – by Daniel T. Gaming
  • Space Raft – by Space Raft
  • Ninja 1 & 2 – by Sergio Elisondo
  • Kubo 3 – by Dale Coop
  • Assimilate – by Nessylum Games
  • Jester – by Collector Vision Game
  • Eyra The Crow Maiden – by Second Dimension
  • Doodle World – by Nate Peters
  • Yeah Yeah Bebiss 2 – by John Riggs

The genre of games range from side scrollers to platformers to racing to shumps and so much more! It will come in a Standard Premium release with a four-week open pre-order this summer.

The last game shown was a tease for Series 5. A trailer for Raji: An Ancient Epic Enhanced Edition from Nodding Head showed off the truly gorgeous game with a Prince of Persia style.

Premium also provided an update for Sunshine Manor from developer Fossil Games. With a tease of launch happening possibly in October, it could be just in time for Halloween. They also revealed Gamers4Gamers variants for their Series 3 titles coming soon that will benefit the Gamers4Kids charity.

This was an action-packed event full of great new games for everyone to enjoy.

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